Despite not being able to go to your favorite massage therapist or aesthetician these days, there are several relaxing and effective at-home treatments you can do yourself. Keep up your skin care during COVID-19 with these following three at-home CBD skin care tricks from Shana Lydle, vice president of MMG Consumer Brands, will have you not only feeling good, but also looking great…

For whom, you might ask (if still in quarantine)? Well, you! You don’t need to look good for anyone else but you. And we all can use some at-home CBD self-care to feel better about the situation.

Let the DIY beauty commence!

at-home cbd skin care

1. Quick DIY CBD Body Buff

Have 3 minutes? Maintain super-soft skin with this quick and easy body buffing tip from Lydle:

Don’t forget to pay special attention to your elbows and knees. These hardworking areas are often the driest. After buffing, use extra lotion on elbows, knees and anywhere else that is particularly dry for extra hydration. This is a quick fix with instant results, but keep at it every day and you’ll see positive changes in your skin over time.

Plus, check out this video about Getting Rid of Dry Skin with CBD Skin Care—especially those dry elbows and knees!

2. Easy At-Home CBD Body Wrap

Have 15 minutes? Lydle created this fun, skin-softening at-home spa treatment during quarantine! You’ll need: CBD body lotion, plastic wrap (optional) and towels fresh out of a hot dryer. Here’s what to do:

The warmth from the towels activates the cream and the plastic wrap, though optional, helps seal it into arms and legs. Lie there until everything cools off, rub any excess cream into your skin and enjoy how smooth it feels!

at-home cbd skin care

3. At-Home CBD Skin Care Mask

Have 20-30 minutes? One of the incredible things about KARIBO CBD-infused Face Mask is you can literally wear it while doing anything around the house, or while doing nothing at all. Wear it while you lay in a hammock in the backyard or cook a meal. You can also don the sheet mask while doing your monthly accounting or talking to your boss (um, on the phone, not over Zoom!). When you’re done, simply discard the sheets and rub the rest of the hydrating ingredients into your face, neck and decollete.

Lydle suggests making a mask a Sunday evening ritual. While all of the days being stuck at home can sort of blend together without definition, finding small rituals such as applying an at-home CBD mask can help separate weekdays from weekends.

4. Extra: Express Gratitude for It All

Expressing gratitude is a wonderful companion to your beauty routine. It is uplifting, and that will be written all over your face. Staying positive isn’t always easy to do, but it is possible to express gratitude for something each day.

Are you grateful for your husband stepping up to help with child care when that would typically fall on your shoulders? Or, for the child that bursts out with an “I love you!”? Are you grateful for your hot morning cup of coffee? Or, having a chance to go for a run outdoors? For deep breaths, CBD face masks, no makeup days, calls with friends? There are many big and little things to be grateful for today.

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