Melena has struggled with anxiety all her life. In this video, she opens up about her experience with CBD, and shares what has worked best for her in combating her anxiety.

DISCLAIMER: The CBD brands included in this video make no medical claims, nor do they guarantee to help with anxiety issues. Any observations given are solely opinion.

Everyone's journey with stress and anxiety is different, and because of this, the only way to know what truly works for you is to try a variety of products. We have individually reviewed each of these oils on our channel, so please feel free to check those out if a product within this video interests you. Each brand is well-known, easy to find, and lab tested.


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NuLeaf CBD Oil
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Charlotte's Web CBD Oil
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  1. Such a beautiful lady, wow. I got some CBD from CBDmd, heard about it from Joe Rogan podcast, am just starting to see how it works so can't say good or bad yet. Thanks, Melena, golly dang you look nice.

  2. Out of Fab, Nuleaf, and CW which brand would you say is easiest to take every day for three months straight? In terms of flavor profile, tolerance, overall happiness with the product. Or would you recommend someone with anxiety alternate the CBD oils they use?

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