Learn about the CBDistillery's new full-spectrum CBD tincture, get an update on my journey weaning off of anti-depressants, and find out how to use CBD tincture for yourself! (Skip to 4:00 for the product review)


http://bit.ly/plantbasedpothead — 500 mg 15 ml Tincture
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  1. SSRI is the worst thing ever. I was put on SSRI before I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. The SSRI just made it 10000x worse. Unbearable mania. Medication can be the worst thing ever if it is unhelpful, but it's so addictive physically

  2. I also was on an antidepressant at the end of 2018 after a few months i personally took myself off of them and started researching cbd. I knew i didn’t want to be on any antidepressants because i just didn’t want that crap in my body and with all the side effects.

  3. As you drop off any drug the incremental changes are usually about the same but the percentage of change gets bigger. So if you go from 20mg of anything to say 15mg, that's only a 25% drop. If you go down another 5mg to 10mg, that's a 33% change. When you get somewhat used to that and drop another 5mg to 5mg that's a reduction of 50% of your dose and that final drop from 5mg to 0 is a 100% dose change. Many professionals that try to guide someone in withdrawal are either bad at math or don't want to tell anyone to split their pills.

  4. Thank you for putting your story out there. I have a similar story. Only I can’t find any product in my area that has the amount of CBD I need to continue to finish my take down.
    Can I order out of my own state legally?
    Thank you for putting your experience with the CBD product.
    Many Thanks

  5. Any thoughts on using full spectrum CBD oil while also taking medication for ADHD? My prescribed Adderall unfortunately increases anxiety, leaves me with horrible dry mouth & body sweats, and also causes a lot of sleep issues – mostly with actually staying asleep. The falling asleep is quite good but I’m only given an hour of solid sleep until I am woken up by my brain feeling wide awake. Would CBD counter any of these side effects? Seems like the anxiety could be lessened & my sleep issues might be able to be aided. Any thoughts on this? I understand you’re not a doctor & these really are questions for a doctor, but I wanted to pose the question here in case anyone else has been in my situation & started using full spectrum CBD oil. Ideally, it would be amazing if I could replace my Adderall with CBD oil…but I’m not there yet obviously. I did order a bottle of the full spec CBD oil from CBDistillery, so we shall see. Thanks!

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    Are you a hemp/cbd products vlogger/ reviewer follow to become a part of a catalog of vloggers/reviewers that consumers can search/thumb through so to say looking for new & or established content creators in one spot.
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  7. I was on Paxil for about a year. I quit cold turkey and had the most terrifying dreams. I was in prison when I took it. I was getting out, so I wanted to stop before I left. I had this awful, super realistic dream that I left, and they chased me down and brought me back. I woke up screaming. I don't think I could do that again. I've been out for three years, haven't felt the depression I felt in Prison. I checked this video out because I've ordered from CBD distillery because of back and neck pain. I hope it helps. Thanks for the video!

  8. New sub, never seen you before this… I’m looking for something to replace suboxone with and am looking into cbd oil but now I keep hearing tincture… could you help me out with the difference and any recommendations if there is a specific for my need

  9. Adding 5HTp and L-theanine and gabba chews or tablets with some good organic ginger tea sip on Throughout the day to help with your tummy and the rest with further focus and relaxation that CBD may not, as well anxiety and relaxation through day.
    July now makes juul CBD cartridge pepermint flavor CBD pod would be best for nausia. I've seen the CBD tablets with these ingredients in them so you can always add them seperate to your CBD for complete dopamine and brain recovery
    I need to get off a few more hard core pills myself but ii think it may take an entorague of herbs Vitamins asking with diet to get me of several benzodiazepines and heavy painkiller…
    Good luck!

  10. Living Lotus CBD is my favorite CBD vape juice retailer. They make it in-house, they have published lab results, and you can get it in 3 strength options and a HUGE variety of flavors – or a mixture of up to three! As a bonus, you can get 10% off by signing up for their newsletter ????

    Check it out: http://bit.ly/2QTKB7T

  11. i know about the shocks you describe…dont remember what meds caused the body shocks(antidepressant though)but cymbalta was causing me to have brain shocks ,even before the withdrawl from stopping the med/poison.good luck ,thank you for your share session/vid. ps.i vape 1000 mg cbd ,it helps my asthma also,depression.fibromyalgia.broke back & neck injury. live ,laugh, love god bless post by jd avery

  12. Hey, cool review. New to this, and would love to use it for MS symptoms, and to also take the edge off of getting off of some antidepressants. Tried a tincture for the first time yesterday, and it was legit. Grabbing some isolate and grabbing some tincture. ????????

  13. I bought the 500mg for my anxiety and it has helped so much its crazy, previously i was smoking to try and relieve my anxiety at night/after work and now I have been able to slow down on that and just take it in the morning and again at night! Also, my mom is going through menopause and I gave her half a dropper in the morning and she had barely one hot flash and she usually has up to 10 a day.

  14. Hi. On the packaging it says to use 3 drops under tounge (2500mg) but I always see people taking half the dropper full on these reviews. Did you start with a few drops or do you typically dose half the dropper?

  15. Thank you for posting. I know this is from a year ago or a little over, but it's still very helpful and relevant. I am a long time user of CBD and CBD+ low THC products, and have opted for CBD and non or less psychoactive medicines for my own use, as well as for recommendations.

    I'm currently looking to build a website about Cannabis, CBD, low THC and similar products that help people. There are not enough people that know about, or many that are misinformed about Cannabis and Hemp products. It's refreshing to see a no-bs review and some commentary on products that are available to the public.

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