Meet KARIBO Co-Founder Shana Lydle, who leads the brand with more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. A day-in-the-life for our resident mover and shaker includes everything from supporting product development initiatives to retail and buyer strategy and competitively auditing the CBD landscape as it continues to grow to carve out KARIBO’s point of difference. In this behind-the-scenes Q&A, Lydle chats about CBD skin care, KARIBO’s 2019 and year ahead, what inspired her love of beauty and skin care hacks that she learned from her grandmother.

Q: Why is CBD skin care such an important new beauty trend?

A: Simply put, it’s an awesome ingredient. What we’re doing with KARIBO is taking this ingredient and putting it into a totally different category: skin care, which is why customers are so excited about us. The assumption is that CBD is only used to make you feel better, and while it is used for that, it’s also a really beautiful skin care oil. There are benefits of the ingredient helping to calm and soothe the skin, working with all skin types and supporting the ultimate hydrating formulas. We believe that CBD skin care is great for everybody—and every body. It has many amazing properties for your skin and complements other ingredients, such as aloe, ceramide and hyaluronic acid. It’s also a sustainable, natural ingredient, and I love that about it.

Q: What was KARIBO up to in 2019?

A: 2019 was all about making our mark. We finalized our first product rollout and carved out how we are different and where we fit as a brand in the competitive landscape. We also have worked very hard to make sure our hemp-derived CBD is 100% FDA compliant, including working with the right farms, manufacturing partners and third-party testing agencies that hold themselves to the highest of standards. The integrity of our CBD is of utmost importance. In an industry that is just beginning to be heavily policed, we can rest assured we are doing everything in a legitimate way and be proud of the product quality and transparency we are offering our customers. This sets us apart from many others, and is one of the reasons why we have just launched in select CVS stores.

For those willing to take a chance on a relatively new brand, thank you for giving us a try! I’m more committed now than ever to bettering the beauty industry. It’s an exciting time and I couldn’t be doing it with a better team. It takes a great team of people to build a brand and community, and I’m really proud of the partnerships we’ve forged.

Q: What’s your favorite KARIBO product?

A: I love all of them, of course! But there are two that I am a little obsessed with: KARIBO CBD Infused Face Mask is my favorite thing in the world (well, besides my family!). It is my Sunday ritual. My skin looks great for days afterwards. For $7.99, it is a killer product and shows immediate results. My skin is brighter and completely hydrated. And KARIBO CBD Infused Hand and Body Lotion is my other go-to product. I apply it to damp skin after a shower or bath, massage it in, then take a hand towel and buff it into my skin. I swear it’s like I had a $200 body treatment at the spa. I’ve seen visible differences in difficult areas including noticeable skin tone improvement.

Also, with each year that passes, I’ve noticed my skin becoming more sensitive to what I put on it so I really pay attention to ingredients, and that experience has influenced KARIBO’s product development. KARIBO products have never irritated my skin.

Q: What can KARIBO customers look forward to in 2020?

A: 2020 for KARIBO is about expansion and awareness. Customers can expect more product innovation, great ingredient stories and both skin care and CBD education. And you’re going to see more of us, too! You’re going to get to know people behind the brand, see us in more places, and discover that we’re committed to the CBD beauty and skin care space, using the best ingredients and getting CBD from the best farms. We’re working closely with our labs and chemists on before-and-after data to showcase real results from using our CBD skin care. I’m excited to spread the word because KARIBO products are really great.

Q: Why do you love beauty?

A: I’ve been a beauty fan since I was a little girl. My mom bought me a makeup kit when I was 5 years old and she said I put it on like I had been a professional for years. My grandmother was one of those ladies who never left the house without looking put together. I studied fashion and cosmetics business management in Toronto, and walked away from my college experience with a deep understanding of the world of beauty.

Beauty is a great way to give back to yourself and feel good about yourself, whether it’s putting on red lipstick or doing a Sunday spa ritual at home. I’m passionate about products I believe in, like KARIBO’s, and especially products that are affordable. You shouldn’t have to pay big bucks to be able to take care of your skin; it’s a benefit everybody should enjoy.

Q: Are there any skin care hacks you learned from your relatives that you use to this day?

A: My three biggest skin care hacks come from my grandmother—and they all happen to be the fundamentals of great skin care. The first is to keep your skin hydrated—from the inside and outside. Drink a lot of water and always moisturize. My grandmother was a religious cold cream user. The second is don’t be rough on your skin. It was an art form watching my grandmother be so delicate with her skin. The third is always stay out of the sun. She taught me that at a young age.

Q: What do you think is the most important beauty lesson you’ve learned?

A: That skin care is not one-size-fits-all. Everybody is different and benefits from different products. With beauty, it’s about finding your routine and what works for you. It’s about being committed to the ritual of it. There’s always something new and exciting in the beauty industry to explore.

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