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  1. I love your video I am exactly the same I suffer really badly from anxiety one day I’ll be fine the next day I’ll be sick and that is the honest truth. I decided to vape and I have only just started I got one that cost £19 which is quite cheap and some different flavoured juices I’m only in my second day of starting but decided I needed something to occupyMy hands and help with my anxiety

  2. I don't drink alcohol or do class a since last December. Am on sertralin 100mg. And premisaphine 25mg optional . I have been researching about cbd for my joint aches especially in morning ,lower back main one. Do me exercises. I need something to ease it and help chill anxiety wise. Insomnia wise. Don't wanna keep taking paracetamol for joint issue. So have bought a harmony vape pen with cbd e liquid .I will see how it works and let others know. If does help .

  3. I think like all medications you feel worse before you get better since your body is trying to get rid of it but if you persist your body will think "oh (s)he's still taking this so it must be ok" and eventually let's you take it without making you feel sick
    Another reason could be that if you take a medication which is quite strong you should ween yourself off that before replacing it with cbd as the withdrawal effect can be as bad as having a really hard hang over which makes you feel horrible (from someone who used to drink 3x 1.5L of cider at the weekend and feeling shit next day before going teetotal for 2 years), or a mix of the 2 examples

  4. Kev, you got the wrong stuff. Its got to be the juice that's the issue. My CBD is not flavoured. Its organic and it is amazin. You have to try" love CBD "products. Look at their reviews..I use the vape juice and the capsules. I know you don't want to try stuff and pay more but honestly you had a bad experience. CBD will help you, you don't have to vape

    Have you tried Niacin as well? I use pure flush Niacin. You go rwd as the histamine comes to the surface of the skin. The flush helps with anxiety. Also B12 is good in little patches.. Look at your Vitamin levels…

  5. Nearly everyone in the comments thinks cbd is gods gift. I actually don’t like it. It made my heart race and I just don’t care for it. Cbd is good for some with epilepsy, but cbd can make things worse for some epileptic patience.

    Cbd is not the CURE ALL, but in many cases it can really help.

    I have schizophrenia and cbd makes me worse. I couldnt imagine taking cbd every day, I would hate that.

  6. I’ve only just started, I had the whole nervous system adrenaline mode ptsd stuff. I tried an organic CBD isolate with no THC drops under my tongue, and have been getting better and better for 3 weeks. Now a week and a half no panic attacks. I still take my meds for sleep, but during the day, CBD helped (the diarrhea) instantly. I know it’s hard to find the right company, I still want to find the best one for me. I just know that this Colorado grown organic CBD isolate with no THC under the tongue drops helped immensely so far. I will keep researching brands, I think there is a lot of garbage and some super stuff out there and some confusion for now. Vaping could be making you nervous

  7. What dose valium you on mate.?? I take them. Same reasons, Anxiety and depression..hope you find a cure..getting of them is hard u know..but I also vape loads..60mls a day nb. I don't like a pg/vg ratio, that's like 60/40. I prefer 70/20, and above, ps..harrys class mate..he just wants to be on camera lol

  8. CBD really works. I have been suffering from chronic pain for over 15 years. I ordered some from and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I ordered more yesterday and realized they are offering 20% off right now just by using the code facebook20. I encourage you all to try the product.

  9. I have the anxiety you have thinking of trying this. Been on Prozac for 10 years I'm willing to try anything else. I also have PTSD after open heart surgery, a bone marrow transplant and a violent relationship… also suffer depression. Basically I'm a mess ???????? got any links?

  10. Hi, I know this vid is really old now and maybe you've moved on or solved the problem, but it's the VG ratio of the liquid. trust me.
    I had the same problem as person that has used vaping products for over 8 years. Some people, including me, have the same
    reaction to VG. The liquids you were using had a higher VG ratio than the PG. PG isn't usually the problem as it is in foods, soaps,
    make up, and many consumable products (such as the liquid used in IV drips in the hospital and inhalers for asthma). I have the exact same symptoms which came about years ago when companies started adding higher ratios of VG because it produces bigger clouds
    I would not use anything over a 50/50 mix of vg/pg. Preferably, find something higher on the PG end of things. Like 60 or 70% PG.
    This occurs in some people. As soon as you started talking about it I knew exactly how you felt and what was going on with the vaping
    stuff. Not sure that any of that matters anymore, but just a bit of info. It could also be effects of your medications you are taking too which often need to be weened off slowly over time to get off of them in a healthy manner. I'm no doctor.

  11. It's always smart to see what the vape juice is based from when purchasing. Some people get sick from the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin basing in vaporizer liquids. This is why some companies use coconut oil instead which is much more easier on your stomach. It could've been the yucky flavors that were making you sick as well.

  12. I think you just have a benzo addiction, because if normal juice made no change then you know it's because you're not taking the original medication like you said. Over a year later though how is it going with you

  13. If you lowered or partially ceased your diazepam dose during your CBD experience, that may have sent you into acute benzo withdrawal. Benzo withdrawal is hell for us anxiety sufferers, and the anxiolytic effects of CBD aren’t nearly strong enough to replace long term benzodiazepine use without a slow taper and several months of recovery.

  14. I know this is over a year old but I just thought I'd drop by and say that you may be shying yourself by isolating CBD. What you ideally want is the "entourage effect" that comes from a mixture of all canabanoids found in marijuana. If you were up to it you might try smoking actual weed with maybe a 5:1 ratio CBD:THC. AC/DC is a strain that should have this ratio and most people describe having a very controlled mellow with a significant reduction in anxiety. Best of luck bud and I hope you get on well!

  15. Really genuinely think you probably got some low quality oil, from how you describe it it shouldn't be like that, should be nice and flavourful if it's flavoured.

    Personally would rather go for unflavoured CBD and then put that into a flavour if it's really a big deal to you, you know like a high quality 0% nicotine one or whatever.

  16. I have Adhd and Bipolar Depression disorder. I do regular 0mg to 5mg vape and havent had a problem. I have anger issues now and agian but even with medication and without the vape Ive always had that problem. but with my medications I get the horrid munchies. I find with vape that appetite is cured.

  17. Some very pen liquids contains THC and that fucks up your anxiety, you need to try plus CBD mouth spray go for peppermint. Trust me it will work you had all the same symptoms as me when thc gets in your system

  18. @kevinwoolford123 there is a disposable CBD disposable pen called charolettes web and I hear good things about it hear in the states. not sure why it was making you sick but do some research on it maybe the charolettes web one can work or just find a easy way to ingest it like with an edible If you can find one. umm other than that I don't know myaelf cus I'm gonna have to try CBD weed if I can find it or at least extremely low in THC and high in CBD cus I need off these pills . but I don't want to be a stoner though. been there done that. I do need that CBD though. good luck on your own search btw.

  19. Another thing to think about is if you are currently taking Diazepam on a daily basis like 20-60mg every day for long periods of time then it is mostly likely your body is addicted to benzos. If you are trying to reduce your diazepam it can be difficult because you can actually suffer symptoms similar to opioid withdrawls which keep you using the diazepam.

  20. Hey there Kevin. My name is Paul. I reside here in Maryland, USA. I just wanted to add the fact that yes, I do have BAD anxiety as well. I'm currently 27. I was diagnosed with Major Depression & Social Anxiety Disorder in 2008 when I was 18. On top of that, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease the same year if you can believe that lol. So, I have been through a bit of tough times myself. Anyway, it was today that I decided to buy myself some CBD Drip juice for my vape and/or to drip sublingual. Well, so far so "fine". I believe that I do in fact notice mild-moderate anxiety relief and some mild-moderate pain relief as well. But yes, everyone is different with their own body chemistry and what not lol.

  21. Sorry it didn't help. panic attacks like you described can be worse by low blood sugar, my son has that problem. You mentioned not eating or drinking, get your doc to check it. Good luck and God bless.

  22. Hey Kevin, can i ask what you vape exactly? What percentage is your CBD vape oil? The quality of the product you use will have a huge effect on how it makes you feel. Have you tried high quality CBD extracts ?

  23. I'm in CO and found a CBD juice, Entourage Hemp, and it only contains CBD, M-VG, and natural flavoring. I was surprised to see a lack of comments addressing the juice ingredients as the source of complications. He mentions knowing it being a possibility, but I can personally say that PG seemed to make me sick, or gave me an off feeling, when I first started vaping (I started with NJoy which is a 50/50 PG-VG blend), than someone finally explained the difference in base ingredients. I now use Red Oak juice now (VG, deionized water, natural & artificial flav's and citric acid) and it's great; I like vanilla, they call it Vanda. The fact that there's different nicotine levels helped too, as a 1.8% seemed to give me the desired experience (higher levels seem to make me nauseous from time to time. It doesn't help too that I suck on the thing like an old lady does her O2 tank haha.) I haven't tried other juices, VG or PG, other than a tester or trying a friends, so I can't really say if the VG-PG difference was/is the cause, but it seems to be a common theme with PG juices.

    I'm in CO and found a CBD juice, Entourage Hemp, and it only contains CBD, M-VG, and natural flavoring. I've never tried vaping CBD, and after taking some long pulls, while "testing" haha, I noticed a decrease in pain in my trouble areas (knees, upper and lower back, achy hands/feet/shoulders.) I had taken my Oxycodone about 30min before, but I don't get the relief I felt after trying the CBD vape. As much as I dislike taking the roxi's, I need them (my back issues are from an car accident, and my joint issues are a mix between sports and I what I think to hereditary as everyone in my family seems to have the same problems) and I am hoping the vape will help once I start using it on a regular basis… At least hoping enough to take less of my script.

  24. I think its cuz you're in the UK and you got garbage shit. You probably got stuff with all that PG and VG additives. I have severe panic and anxiety issues and find cbd helps. I am in the USA and use only natural cbd products that dont have funky ingredients. You got ripped off so bad with that shit. They sold you garbage man. Try Vape Bright or buy a high cbd strain of cannabis

  25. Have you thought that some of your anxiety episodes were due to you not taking your prescription sedative medicine, in other words (withdrawal symptoms?). You should try and taper slowly off your benzo's and gradually add the CBD vape to it. I also heard vape, was very very week compared to actual smoking or ingesting the CBD medicine.
    What ever the case, I wish you the best in finding a solution to your problem.
    God Bless

  26. Brilliant review, thanks! I am in 2 minds if I should try this CBD oil. I have been on a very high dose of Diazepam (50mg) daily for the past 15 years, sometimes I wonder if it is the Diazepam keeping me in an anxious state?

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