Welcome, friends. I'm Jen Hilman. Thanks for joining me today as I guide you through some simple massage techniques for relaxing the upper back and shoulders.So this is a chronic area for
a lot of people. I'm really glad to have an opportunity to show you some of my favorite techniques for loosening up this area.

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Thanks for joining me. Namaste.


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  1. Hi Jen, I really like your yoga videos, your style changed so much thru the years!! You are so pretty and I like your yoga style! Merci merci, lots of love from Canada!

  2. I remember something about you asking if you should wear your hair up or down on PsycheTruth years ago and I was so confused why anyone would care how you do your hair in a massage video. Is this a running joke?

  3. Miss Jen Hillman, i'm from Belgium and i would like to try that cbd cream. Can you help me to get it? (I have fibromyalgie, 7d/7d 24h/24h pain over my intire body. I already take morfine for the pain, and it helps a bit, but not complete) thank you!! Greatings Fleur

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