It seems like the hottest health trend right now is CBD Pain Relief spray. I tested it out to see if it actually works. Watch now and save! DEAL LINK:

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In this video The Deal Guy is reviewing this magnesium spray for pain that contains CBD oil. This pain spray is technically a cbd for inflammation spray so i really wanted to test it out to see what all the hype was about.

This pain relief spray is the best cbd for pain relief that I could find to review. The Strength Genesis CBD pain spray was a great price so i thought i'd put a review up on my channel as a lot of you ask me to find a cbd spray and sprays for pain. Don't miss this best cbd oil spray and let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I got a product ya should do HOW ABOUT SOMETHING THAT CAN HELP ME SLEEP been having sleepless nights and the ability to see a doctor is questionable at best THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

  2. You're right Jimmy D…It's just a few more skips and jumps before they unleash the gladiator games, lions included. I'll never understand why one has to leave their common sense at the door to work in many of these companies. It's sad that telling the truth about stuff is a novel thing.

  3. You said her late 20's… Dear goodness now I need that oil for that right atrium pain I just felt…After I put some on my glutes for the pain I feel when someone bothers to not wear a mask in public and they are holding up the line at Walmart…. LOL ALL!!!

  4. Hi Matt, Will it work when ur heart is broken due to someone passing away? I know it won't unfortunately but it looks very helpful possible 4 some my family members & myself .I'm going ✔ this out .Anybody who has this let me know how it is? love from N.Y.C

  5. To the person that's reading this:

    You're very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine????

    My Dream is to have 2k. I been struggling to get there????????????

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