Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil

If you’re sitting there tempted to reach for your pets’ CBD, it’s likely that you’re aware of the benefits it can offer. While sharing CBD from the same bottle or product, would be convenient, is it a good idea? Can humans take pet CBD oil?

Check the quality of the CBD oil

When shopping for CBD oil, you should always be vigilant about the quality and purity that you choose. This applies equally whether you’re shopping for pet CBD products or human CBD products. The biggest thing to pay attention to when shopping for pet-specific CBD products is whether or not the ingredients — including any funky flavors like chicken or salmon — are human-grade. You should also demand the same high-quality of the other ingredients in any pet products you buy that you would for yourself. Thankfully, all of the brands we offer on Direct CBD Online uphold these high standards.

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If the quality is good, you’re good!

Seriously — what we just mentioned is the biggest thing to look out for. So, the answer to, “can humans take pet CBD oil?” is a simple “yes,” if the quality of the ingredients is human-grade. However, you should also be aware that the product doesn’t have any other odd additives in it. It’s unlikely that these additives would be harmful to you. However, if the formulation is explicitly for pets, it’s probably best to avoid it.

That being said, you probably wouldn’t be tempted by just any flavored oil or soft chews for pets — but, no judgment if you are. Pet CBD oils come in flavors that could easily be tempting for humans, particularly peanut butter.

What to know about product strength

Another important aspect of CBD products, of course, is their strength. And, here’s why it’s safer for you to take pet CBD products than the other way around: pet CBD products are predominantly milder and rarely contain THC. This mostly has to do with the simple fact that your pets are far smaller than you, so they do not need nearly as much CBD for it to benefit them. THC, as you may know, is a psychoactive substance that can be found in trace amounts in CBD or hemp products, particularly full-spectrum formulas. THC can affect people profoundly, and it takes even less to affect pets.

Other tips about pet CBD products

Pet CBD products come in just about as many different varieties as CBD products for humans. There are topicals, oils, edibles, and even skincare-specific products. CBD can benefit pets of all shapes and sizes in all kinds of ways.

So, is there something both you and your pet can use?

Your best bet is to choose a low-strength CBD oil (or just provide a very small serving of a higher-strength oil) that’s unflavored or natural. You should also be sure to choose one that has 0% THC to be safe. You should also consult your doctor and your pet’s veterinarian separately for expert advice.

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