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  1. I suffer from high anxiety and have been on clonazepam for 10 years. I'm working on getting off. Anyways here's some credible info- Thc and tcha are psychoactive canabaniods.. tcha is even more psycoavtive that's means strains that are satiava dominant are high in those 2 canabaniods will make anxiety worse. But weed low in tcha and like indica dominant are more likely high I'm cbd and Cbn wich contributes to helping anxiety . I live in mass and its legal both medical and recreationally. I love to smoke . I went to cannabis school hoping to get into growing or even just any part of the buisness. So moral of the story is if you can, try and stick with weed that is indica dominant. It will bring you much more relief. As say If you smoked a sativa strain it will not have a relaxing effect you'll get all trippy. Hope this sheds a little more light on the topic. Much love peace! Good topic! Btw!!.. oh!! And I get cbd for my grandmothers arthritis.. I've tried ingesting CBD gummies myslef.. and didn't notice much. But there is a competition going on selling those and a study was just done on cbd gummies and edibles that people were selling the study was to see if the proper dosage on the package was consistant with the product wich it in many cases wasnt matching. But there are legit high quality pharmaceutical grade cbd. The best form is the oil. The reason you get so much more of an effect from am edibal is because we have higher concentrations of cannabinoid receptors in out gut. So smoking CBD vs smoking I'd say ingesting will deff have a better effect

  2. I find this interesting because weed made me have more anxiety attacks. It never worked for my anxiety. I have every form of anxiety and have been living with it for years.

  3. I’ve only just seen a couple
    Videos on your channel and you’ve inspired me so much, I have a deep fear of psychosis, and weed has terrified me to the bone in many ways, so thank you for showing me that there isn’t too much to fear

  4. I'm thinking about trying it too to handle my anxiety now that they are passing a law stating that companies can't reject you from jobs if you tested positive for marijuana. It's legal to take it recreationally in my state anyway. Yay for being vegan!

  5. Respect. Hope the psychosis has gone. I left a comment ona your Schizophrenia upload.
    Yea for me ganja helps a lot,
    But wen I was severely psychoic I did nah even wanna smell weed. For like a year..
    Its the devil but benzos are the only ting legal dat helps Anxiety's fr we..
    Bless . hope u well we
    Edit wha u think of Aripiprazole?
    For we its more tolerable then risoerdoe or olanxapine
    Maybe ganja makes me more anti social, but that s just mi anyway 🙂

  6. Well done, now you've got a few people attracted to smoking weed and a few more trying another psychologically addictive sybstance in the form of gummie CBD. By the way you're becoming a junkie.

  7. I hate that white people discovered weed from black people and suddenly decided to ban it and label it a class A drug. Weed is good for a lot of things. Our people got jailed for years for the herb and now white folks are making a business off of it!!!

  8. I have schizo and I smoke weed. Idk if it makes my mental health better or worse but I smoke it just enough to ease my anxiety, like you. I am gonna try some CBD ????

  9. I’ve been suffering from anxiety & depression for a good while now. I started smoking weed and in the beginning I never got super paranoid but over the years thc just makes me anxious and in my head all the time , I have a Cbd vape pen which is pretty convenient and helpful for me I get 500mg which is perfect for me and I am less anxious I also sleep like a baby !

  10. I'm glad you feel freer to live! <3 For weed, I really need that sweet spot – if I take too much, then I get an anxiety attack and it's like I'm shoe-horned through the space time continuim and that ain't fun. But if I take too little then I don't really feel much of anything. If I get that sweet spot, though, then I feel chill and experience life in more vivid colors, if that makes sense.

  11. Hi Maya, I’ve been watching your videos for roughly a year now and what you need to know is that you are a really good looking and amazing individual and keep being you, what you are displaying in your videos is so important for people with mental health issues, I was an 18 year old with amazing ambitions in sport, playing to my full potential and setting myself huge goals, from going from strength to strength in the gym everyday to needing vitamins in hospital from only eating 500 calories a day, This was my strategy to help me feel a since of control from what was going on in my head, I was enjoying my life up until then, As everyone knows I’m not the person to give guidance or share mental health stories because I know everyone else has a different battle going on in their head and that’s okay as long as they get professional help, for me I turned very manipulative and convincing to others and that I was doing just fine, go out drink lots, come home and hide in my room, then do it all over again, my sole dependent on antipsychotics and high doses of diazepam led me down a rocky road, I wasn’t myself, a fragment of the personality I used to have, my withdrawal was excruciating to the point I’d scream into my pillow, I’m not looking for comfort and I know it’s very cliche sharing stories on Facebook but for the people that really know me know that I like to make everyone feel happy because I know how it feels to feel truly unhappy, if you’re reading this and are asking yourself what really happened to me and how did it get so bad, being so self critical that it would drive me mad, self conscious of what I would say, constantly judging myself and what others thought of me, everyday would be the same eating at me not only mentally but physically, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, I just want others to be careful with their actions and always be there to support one another.

    Keep posting videos.

  12. Weed and CBD is what started the positive shift in my depression and anxiety for me. I had dealt with it since elementary school, and tried countless medications and herbal remedies. some THC and CBD combined with my dose of antidepressants seems to work wonders as a TOOL, but it still isn't a quick fix or instant or anything. It's something I had to work with and create better habits for myself, and weed made that much more manageable and lifts these anxious weights off my shoulders. I've seen it increase anxiety or issues in those that didn't have the anxiety much prior to smoking, so I think it works with your own body chemistry for sure. It can't hurt, but it can be mis-used or overdone but otherwise worth a try!

  13. Aaaah that Brian Eno Win95 sample at the beginning takes me back lol. Anyway remember the "I'm allowed to have my vices" train of thought is quite common with people who are prone to addiction. Not that you should quit everything, your personality probably doesn't even allow it considering that particular spark in your gaze, teehee. So pick your vices wisely. In any case, you may not actually "need" four or five different substances (olanzapine, cbd, thc, benzos, nicotine, SSRI's, alcohol, benzos – for example) It may be wise to cut the bad ones out. Some of them actually interact with each other in a not so nice way so … Well heck … It's a journey, good luck. 😀 P.S.: Who knows, cannabis might be worth it despite having a mental disorder, just keep an eye out together with people who see you on a day to day basis because they know best. Lastly, nicotine and cannabis, if you're gonna use, consider vaporizing!

  14. I use CBD oil and it honestly helped me so much. I don’t feel so anxious anymore, like I used to be afraid of even going to the store. It’s so much better now!

  15. I really think you should do what you feel like is best to you. My personal problem with weed was how it messed up my sleeping pattern. Also it affects the quality of your REM sleep, which could lead to exhaustion and therefore psychosis.

    But then again. Some good kush in the evening really helps me to calm down. Also makes me more social and openminded. So I guess moderation is the key solution here.

  16. I take Cannabis from time to time and it does ease my anxiety. In fact I'm smoking a joint now with lovely pipe tobacco ! Looking beautiful as always ! Glad you're feeling good at the moment. Hope your good feelings remain with you for as long as possible. ????

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