So, you had a good night. Maybe too good of night (or day, we don’t judge). The symptoms of a wicked hangover are setting in. Are you reaching for your favorite remedy? Maybe it’s chugging water, taking Advil, or eating a bagel. But have you considered CBD for hangovers? Can it work? Let’s discuss what we know.

Hangover symptoms and why they happen

When you drink an excess of alcohol, your body is forced to suffer a series of imbalances. This includes imbalances of fluid and other chemicals. This is why you experience those classic hangover symptoms that seem to attack your body from all sides. Essentially, your body is trying to rid itself of those alcohol toxins as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hangovers typically kick in for three main reasons tied to those imbalances mentioned above:

  1. Alcohol may trigger your brain’s vomiting center
  2. Alcohol increases urine production
  3. Alcohol causes low blood sugar levels

And, furthermore, if you’ve ever had a hangover, you know all too well that it usually presents as some or all of the following symptoms. It’s possible for some of these symptoms to hit while you’re still out on the town or onset the morning after:

If you normally take CBD or have thought of it as a potential hangover remedy, we’ll discuss how it may help. You may also be interested in delta 8 THC, which has also been reported to combat hangover symptoms and more.

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How CBD may help

The evidence for CBD as a multi-use remedy continues to grow. It has been shown to relieve pain — both internal and external — as well as serve as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. With CBD and other cannabinoids naturally attaching to your body’s ECS system that regulates so many different things, the possibility of them curing hangovers is promising, but not definite. However, the evidence for CBD to help at least some of your hangover symptoms is even more promising.

So, if there’s not a guarantee that CBD may work, what’s the best bet as far as products you should try? For one thing, replenishing your body’s fluid and electrolyte levels is crucial. While it’s easy to reach for a sugary sports beverage there are better options out there that are vitamin and electrolyte-packed.

What else you can do to recover

Though we can’t guarantee taking CBD will “cure” your hangover, CBD in combination with other best practices is a great bet. The next time a hangover strikes, rather than searching for a mythical remedy, you should first try remedies that are a bit more traditional.

Good luck out there — even when acting irresponsibly, try to be a little bit responsible about it.

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