Jenny Sansouci is a health coach, wellness blogger, and the author of the new book, “The Rebel's Apothecary: A Practical Guide to the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and Mushrooms.” On this episode, she joins me to discuss the health benefits of formerly taboo plants and fungi.

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  1. The various companies I have come across speak of "absorption rates" or bioavailability. Their point being that 1000mg in one product is not the same as in another with respect to the amount actually usable by ones body. Can you speak to that?

  2. To me it seems the more I learn about controlled substances the more I find that under a controlled environment and doctor care most drugs are helpful. For example medical marijuana helped my blood pressure more than any pill. I am currently in a medical ketamine program which use to be completely banned even for research . ketamine injection under a doctor's close watch helps chronic pain PTSD depression ADHD and many more. I read a book about opiates and how opium use to be prescribed for everything and I grew my own opium in my garden and it helped my stomach issues. So many drugs that are cheap to make are helpful under a DOCTORS WATCH. I don't mean people getting high shooting up at their own house like a damn fool. It seems big pharma had a large influence on this

    A 94 year old german woman goes to university, studies philosophy and writes her PhD about death. She is automobile, mentally extreme fit, goes swimming, and even jumps from the diving board, travels, and drives a car. What an amazing woman.
    Dr. Gundry you should contact this very special woman and ask her about her lifestyle and nutrition!

  4. I was diagnosed with an inflammatory ailment called Messenteric Panniculitus. They prescribed Steroids and those were killing me. I replaced Steroids with CBD. Works way better. No side affects to this point. Cannabis has stuff called tinatures(sp?) that comes with THC that opens up receptors in humans that allow the CBD to do it's work. For reducing inflammation take large amounts of CBD and small amounts of THC so our receptors open. CBD reduces intoxication affects of the THC as well.
    There is a reason that these plants are illegal. The Reason is the Pharmaceuticals can't profit from a plant that grows wild in the ditch.

  5. I started with 2.75 ml as advised, for 2/3 weeks then moved on to 5 ml . I take 3/4 drops or sprays 3 to 4 times a days . That sufficient at the moment . It costs about £ 30 a month , expensive for me , but I need it . I'm blessed that it works for me . K

  6. I've been taking cbd oil spray for nearly 2 years now . I have chronic arthritis pain without it . I buy this from a health food store in the uk . Mostly I can walk around , not very far , and garden without much pain . I use it for any kind of pain .I've just had a diverticulitis flare, it helped with that. I tend to worry and this helps with that so I sleep better . I really wouldn't want to do without it now . I noted what you said about mushrooms, we can get some of those . K

  7. I have a couple of friends who have used medical cannabis for epilepsy & it considerably lowers there sesures!!! I myself used it for helping me get off opiods & the cbd cream for arthritis pain & it really helps!!!! It is just so sad that it is so expensive & insurance can't help because it's against the federal law!! When my friend runs out of money for the month, she starts having sesures like crazy. So sad!

  8. Well I was at Shouldice hospital when I got my hernia surgery I met one fella who said he was smoking joints back in California and said ohh you should watch Dr.Ghundry ain’t that coincidence and we are speaking about it..

    Ohh well I don’t judge who am I to judge it this is what people like it and helps em all power to you as long you don’t overdo and harm your health..

    Alan H

  9. MINUTE 14:45, Dr. Gundry asks—"what if someone doesn't want the high from THC" in the [Rick Simpson] oil? What can you do? Jenny Sansouci replies that you simply begin with a low dose of, say, 2mg. Then build up slowly. Yes, that works up to a point. However, there is a better way, albeit somewhat problematic.

    You juice 10 fresh, mature leaves—a bud may be included, but isn't necessary—using a low-RPM, single or double agar masticator. This type of juicer is easy to find and doesn't produce heat. It is best at extracting juice from fibrous plants. This amount of fresh leaves will supply 600mg of THC from a high content THC-a plant.

    600mg is the amount suggested by the US Department of Health and Human Services [which holds 2-3 patents on cannabis] to drug discovery researchers when attempting to develop an analogue for THC. TCH in plants is in the form of THC-acid, which is NOT psychoactive. Listen to Dr. William Courtney, MD for more information:

    Note that the Greeks used cannabis as an anti-inflammatory to treat battle wounds for several thousand years without ever realizing that when dried, heated, cooked or smoked, that the plant will become psychoactive upon ingestion. They mashed the fresh plant and made a topical poultice.

  10. In Canada, we don't even get into the debate with THC vs CBD content or hemp vs marijuana and don't have to hunt for sound medical products. Recreational and wellness products are found OTC and are buyer beware and medical products are prescription based. Definitely do your research as this is such a huge field of treatment and so much info out there. Will be good to get a national based set of guidelines and standards in this area for affecting good patient outcomes.

  11. So true..
    It all depends on you.
    A super paranoid person should pick the right strains of Herb and Shrooms. And start slow . To much to fast and you'll be best friends with a squirrel.

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