On this special edition of The Balancing Act, correspondent Beth Troutman travels to Kansas City to meet CBD American Shaman founder, Vince Sanders.

Stay tuned as she uncovers the inspirational story behind the terpene rich products that are changing lives throughout the world.

Plus, we're taking an exclusive look at how all-natural hemp oil based products are produced. We also speak one-on-one with a CBD advocate who has seen success in treating pain, anxiety, and other ailments through the use of CBD products.

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  1. Ordered from their website a week ago and items have NOT shipped even though they have charged my credit card! Potential buyers beware, I might be getting into something ugly with them over their unsavory practices and potential customers should avoid this misery altogether!

  2. I will say that CBD as an anti-inflammatory does help with pain and anxiety and all the things they're talking about but you guys have to remember they're promoting this product this company the shaman

    And I've tried at least 10 other CBD companies and most of them are bullshit and unreliable mixed Oil and not really CBD entirely

    The truth is that CBD is very helpful but the majority of companies out there just jumping in on the gold rush and they're trying to take advantage of people based on the desire and the need and demand in the industry it's all marketing it's all sales it's all about numbers and I would encourage everyone to do their research and find Reliable companies but this company I'll give it a try one time and if I'm impressed with the results then I'll be happy to comment back and say yes it was a negative or a positive experience either way

  3. Listen I'm a Believer in CBD oil but this video right here is a little bit suspect kind of feels like promo propaganda… I treated my mother with CBD oil and it really helped her through the first couple years of her few year battle man then she stopped taking it and she went downhill

    But the people in this video just sound and look like and what they're saying sounds like they were paid to say what they're saying…. maybe some are genuine

  4. Congratulations for talking about CBD oils matter I have been using it is perfect essential meds control my chronic pain gouts painful migraines and insomnia gone etc, sincerely thanks and many my friends love it too. Thanks Creator God.

  5. People don't realize that Chemtrails they have been spraying on the population for years contains NANO particles of aluminum that was also used in vaccines that causes Autism

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