I've been trying to improve my sleep quality and I've received a ton of suggestions for incorporating CBD oil. I gave it a shot and here are my findings…

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  1. The best part of using my oura ring that I have found is there is a sleep length of time sweet spot. If i sleep in on sunday and get 10+ hours of sleep there is not a difference in my deep sleep length or my overall sleep score or readiness. If i get 6 hours sleep it is just short of what i need but if I get 6.40 or 7.0 hours of sleep my numbers increase drastically. I have also found that the higher my readiness and sleep score do not equate to having a better workout.

  2. Hey Robert I love your videos. The recent ones have had very low sound quality. I can barely hear you. Just wanted to give the feedback.

  3. Have you tried a good routine in getting ready for sleep? (i.e. good stretch routine, turning off all electronics, adjusting temperature to cold, some form of meditation such as progressive muscle relaxation) this routine works really well for myself and most of my clients that I suggest it to (mental health counselor).

  4. I work at a health food store that sells the brand from cbdistillery. Many come get it for arthritis & chronic pain as well as helping with anxiety. You can get it with or without thc. It doesn't have the side effects of NSAIDs (ibuprofen & aspirin) & works faster than those. You need to make sure you get a good quality cbd & the right milligrams for you.

  5. Be interesting to know if you have any changes in stress levels over time using CBD and whether that may be a factor in your sleep pattern as well. Just a thought as I watched.

  6. To fix my sleeping issue. Don’t eat to late have quick boxing workout for 4 rounds, then sleep like a baby… over the counter like Unisom will help too. GL

  7. I'm still not sold on the CBD for sleep benefits. I've seen it hit or miss with some of the products I have access to & my Oura feedback is all over the place. I'd like to see it consistently elevate either deep sleep or rmSSD during the time I take it, but I don't really see that correlation. I'm hearing hemp oil may be the better choice (which I've tried) because it tends to be more shelf stable than CBD, which may actually be damaged by shaking the bottle like you did (I know, it's part of the directions but the research suggests its that fragile). I'm convinced there's a benefit there. How much is another question!!

  8. I have been looking into cbd oil because I’m barely sleeping at all I’ll check out all your results,I’m no body builder so it probably will be different for me than for you…Good luck Robert

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