Does CBD oil really work, and is it worth the money? I think YES! I have been using this CBD oil from Young Living for a few months and I really love having a safe and healthy option for pain relief. You can all the products for purchase here :
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  1. Thank you Neisha for your review. Been wanting to try CDB for my psoriatic arthritis because I really want & need to get off the toxic methotrexate. Love all your videos & opinions on so many different topics. Been following Dr Berry & you for about 3 yrs. Love & appreciate you both & mean it. ????????

  2. Do you have to purchase all 3 or can you just get the jar one? I am skeptical like you things that work on other people never never work for me I have one of those strange bodies that do not fit the norm but I would be willing to buy just that jar, I hope you can help me with my question. Thank you

  3. I love the Young Living CBD products! I think that the muscle rub and the calm roller are all that have gotten me through the current situation and my husband being off of work because of breaking his leg and tearing a tendon.

  4. I love your videos! I just subscribed and I'm binge watching them while working. This is a great video. I eat keto to help my endometriosis and I was shocked how much CBD can help the pain. Pain killers, ibuprofen, and the prescribed remedies can't touch how much this helps. Sending you love from the Carolinas!

  5. The only CBD oil that helps me manage my severe lower back pain and my FND symptoms was the CBD with THC drops. I haven’t tried a ton of products but the zero THC had absolutely no effect. The gabbapentin that I was on didn’t work. All it did was increase my headaches by 10 and it made me nauseous.

  6. Good grief, I didn’t realize quality CBD was so expensive. But I guess when you’re in constant pain, no cost compares. Glad you found a healthy alternative to OTC or r’x pain killers.

  7. I am 64 and have bad arthritis. Ive been using cbd tinctures and topicals for over 2 years with great success and it relief happened quickly. Better sleep. Less anxiety. Much less pain. As Neisha says, make sure you purchase a quality product. It should be organic, gmp certified, preferably organically processed. You should be able to access COA's from a QR code on the product, and a have money back guarantee. Do your research!

  8. I love CBD oil! I've been using it and educating myself on it for almost 3yrs. Not all Cbd oil is created equal. Some are diluted and have fillers and other additives and words you can't pronounce. Sadly some ppl buy plain Hemp Oil and think it's cbd, it is not. Look for cbd in the ingredients. The industry is not regulated so anyone can smack a cbd label on a bottle of hemp oil, olive oil, coconut oil ect and call it cbd oil when it contains no cbd at all. Check the supplement label. It must say cbd or phytocannabinoid on that label! It should have hemp oil because that is what cbd is extracted from not coconuts, olives ect. A full spectrum oil is best. It contains over 120 cannabinoids including THC. Broad Spectrum is Full Spectrum without THC. Isolate is CBD only, no other cannabinoids so you miss out on those full 120+ cannabinoids. Because an isolate is cbd only it doesn't work for most ppl. If you need THC free, get Broad Spectrum. Make sure any cbd oil does not have chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients like additives and fillers. If it does then it's not pure. If it has more than 1 carrier oil or water, it's diluted and not pure. Words like water soluble cbd are just fancy selling words. You don't need it to be water soluble to absorb it.

    Also make sure the company offers at least a 30 day MBG and posted documentation of 3rd party testing for pesticides, mold and other contaminates on their website! You can get sick from poor quality cbd oil.

    The longer you take the oil the better it works. Most ppl notice fairly soon, I noticed the first day but some need up to 60 days. You also need to start SLOW. 3-5 DROPS, NOT droppers, morning and bedtime. Increase by 3-5 drops every wk IF NEEDED until you're up to the maximum serving on the bottle. Again, only IF NEEDED! Note: you should NOT start with the serving size on the bottle! Take it low and slow. You have to build up your cbd receptors to turn on. Too much too soon will overload them and your body will not use it. It's a waste of that precious oil! By law companies have to put a serving on the bottles but they can't put dosing instructions because then it becomes a drug not a supplement. Take 3-5 drops UNDER your tongue and hold for 30 sec to 1 min. The more you gradually increase the longer you'll need to hold it. If you can taste it when you swallow then hold it longer next time. Play with it and find your sweet spot that works for you. One wk you may go up then feel like less was better. That's your sweet spot. It may eventually feel like it's not working anymore. That's because your receptors are now built and requiring less. Some ppl even take only 1 drop 1-2 times a day and some even have to do 1 drop every other day for a wk or 2. Everyone's body is different. Too much too soon can actually exasperate your issues.

    Cbd oil has given me my life back! I sleep 5-6hrs straight now without waking up hurting. I'm happier and less anxious. I don't sleep all day because I'm exhausted, hurt and sad all the time. I didn't have a life for 9yrs. Now I do. Give it a shot, it may change your life too.

  9. I use 100 mg of CBD Oil Tincture, plus 1000 mg of Curcumin and 2 Aleve twice a day and still have lower back pain! I wish I could get off the Aleve,….I've tried. But within a week I'm so bad I can't even stand up. I'm doing Keto/carnivore but my inflammation never gets better. I've lost 72 lbs, but still have 120 to go….hopefully once I get there, my pain will go away!

  10. I use CBD daily for sleep and pain. Bluebird botanical has treated me well and tests every batch. I prefer no additives. I use both drops orally and sports cream . They give a veteran discount.

  11. If you have never bought from YL and make a new account you can buy the CBD starter kit regular strech at a discount that comes with all three products $165. its like $90 less than if you buy then individual!

  12. Thanks for the video. I'm currently using a brand that was referred to me by a friend, its 1000 mg and also includes MCT oil. I've been using it for about a week and really haven't noticed much of a difference in my sleep. Did it take a while for you to notice a difference?

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