CAPSULESFORYOU.COM is a team of leading world experts in the field of encapsulation of oils and animal fats in round seamless capsules with shells of agar, gelatin, alginate, pectin, carrageenan and gum arabic. Over 20 years of research and development of technologies and compact automatic equipment for the production of capsules.
We can offer customers equipment for the production of capsules with a diameter of 1 to 15 mm, a filler weight from 25 mg to 1500 mg. Compact equipment can produce up to 100,000 capsules per hour. The cost of equipment is 10 times lower than analogues for the production of suture-type capsules. For our clients, we provide information services on the benefits of our technology, transmit information about the organization of business, connect equipment and train specialists. Our team includes engineers, technologists, chemists and service engineers who are ready to answer any of your questions and discuss the ideas of our customers. He has a demo of the equipment and organize his presentations and meetings with clients in our office. Interested persons are sent samples of our capsules for testing and finding markets. Cooperation with us will be useful for producers of vegetable oils and animal fats, nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, vitamins, aromatic oils, medicines.

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