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5 Major Sources of Stress and How To Eliminate Them

Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue


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  1. Do you do consults?? I am very interested in your product I have my Med Card but i feel you are more knowledgeable in this field I need a great product for sleep as well

  2. seems very tough to find a reputable place to buy , I have no idea where to go. Any idea where to find good products in Canada? I have PTSD and adrenal problems and need something with no Psychoactive component.

  3. Is it safe to ingest the vape liquid? The brand I have says it can be vaped or taken orally. I want to give it to my 89 yr old father who has Alzheimer’s. I’m afraid I picked up the wrong type!

  4. Hi, can you please do a review on Humboldt Honey CBD oil? This stuff is like an insane smart drug for me. My motivation, ability to relax and focus, and especially my ability to "put the dots together" and think comprehensively is absolutely a night and day difference!
    If I'm experiencing these effects, what do you think could be happening with my mind?

  5. I have a question. Hi I’m Freddy and I’m 22. I started smoking marijuana and cigarettes middle of last year. A month or 2 after I started feel like my heart will skip a beat while I was high. I didn’t pay much attention because it didn’t happen as much, but then it started to do it often while I was high. I quit smoking (both marijuana and cigarettes) but now that I don’t smoke ???? I feel very uncomfortable, worried, fearful, stressed. And now I guess I have anxiety attacks or panic attacks? I’ve researched all over google and YouTube I’ve tired most of things I saw nothing really helped and now I have a panic attack daily they don’t last long but they feel horrible. My question is: Can I use CBD oil to help my anxiety or panic attacks even though smoking marijuana and cigarettes are kinda what triggered all that? Please answer me I don’t want to be put on pills

  6. I recently bought some CBD capsules to help my husband with his anxiety/depression. I got the capsules because I don't think he's like to puff on/vape anything. After watching your videos I'm worried he won't get what the most out of digesting a capsule. If he were to crack it and put it under his tongue how long should he hold it there for full absorption?

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