Can you use CBD oil to treat seizures and epilepsy in dogs? If so how do you give it and what dose of CBD oil should you use?

Here are some high-quality CBD options with independent analysis:
– Oil:
– Hard chews:
– Soft chews:
– Peanut butter:

– Need to try and determine the causes of the seizures – organ disease, infections, poisoning, brain lesions, epilepsy

– When to start treatment if epilepsy – 2 or more seizures in 6 months – certainly more than 1 a month, not recovering between seizures, severe seizure or prolonged recovery
If not epilepsy then need to try and address underlying cause as often don’t respond as well to anti-seizure medication alone

– Need to pick best anti-seizure medication
With some drugs like phenobarbital and imepitoin we know how effective they can be and what to expect with long term administration. With CBD oil research into its use to control seizures is in the early stages, there are currently no published studies detailing how effective it is, although these are starting to be run.

– Why try a drug we don’t know much about or how well it works over other drugs that we know work in a large number of patients?

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18 Responses

  1. My boxer is med resistant. He’s on pheno zonisamide and keppra xr. I tried a few different cbd oils and seizures got worse. I want to try it again. Is anyone’s baby on these meds where cbd helped? He’s 75! Pounds. Please. Any help is so appreciated.

  2. Hello my dog is 6 years old he has a week he will be getting 6 seizure attacks in a day I took him to vet they couldn’t find anything wrong with him they gave me pill to give to him but if doesn’t work what good cbd oil would you recommend and exactly everyday or after he had the attack or is it better to give cbd treats and like everyday or after the attack happen

  3. It does help so much its heartwrenching seeing my husky have seizures when I give her CBD oil shes out of it whithen 20-30 secs CBD is the best.

  4. My dog getting seizures like monthly twice
    More than 8 times a days . I tried a lot of medicines but none of them worked
    Does this CBD oil helps to cure seizures

  5. My cat has brain trauma which makes him have small seizures (he’s not in any pain) would small doses of Cbd or hemp help? I can’t find any studies for cats, I know hemp/ Cbd helps with seizures in humans.. just trying to find something to make his life a little easier

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