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Before you take CBD oil it is critical that you do your own research and decide if it is right for you. To learn more about CBD oil please visit this link:
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Alpha’s talking about a hot topic: CBD oil. DISCLAIMER: he’s not recommending that you use CBD oil. You need to do your own research. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie , and ENEMY is discussing what he’s experienced by using CBD oil daily for the last 7 months.

The Issue with CBD
The issue is CBD is that ANYONE can make their own private label CBD oil company. There are so many brands — what are potency are you taking? You have no idea unless you have a super pure form of CBD oil and a company that is tested and standardized. Plant Therapy is not only tested and standardized, but the company has been around for years, specializing in extracts, essential oils, and oil therapy.

Why Did Alpha Starting Using CBD?
Alpha started 7-months ago because he had been suffering from anxiety and working out injuries (specifically plantar fasciitis). Reported benefits of CBD are sleep, anxiety, and inflammation. Alpha believes in nutrition, supplements, vitamins, and the power of the body healing itself. So, he decided to give CBD a try.

Alpha’s been using Plant Therapy’s CBD for the past 4-months. They are make sure the quality and purity are there along with transparency. Check out their three sections: FAQs, Proposed Benefits, and Serving Chart. If after you do your research, you won’t go wrong from buying from Plant Therapy.

His CBD Journey
There are two types of CBD: full spectrum (has THC) and broad spectrum. For months 1 -3, Alpha went broad spectrum and took one dropper nightly. He slept like a rock and woke invigorated. Both the anxiety and plantar fasciitis weren’t affected, however. He started take it twice a day, night and afternoon. He started feeling a calmness daily — feeling better. Something else happened two weeks after taking it twice a day, his plantar fasciitis started to subside. He upped the dosage thereafter, and his foot pain went away completely. He’s on his 4 bottle of Plant Therapy CBD.

Although he was skeptical going into it, he feels like he has his ‘CBD formula’ and will continue to take it. For him, it’s been beneficial with sleep, anxiety, and body aches. He feels better, and it’s a game-changer for his his overall well-being and health. You need to decide for yourself and be careful with the brand you’re buying.


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  1. Are you the same guy that sold hair trimmers back in the day? If so, you were part of my YouTube childhood. Ha ha Ha you have always been an ambassador of products for as long as I could remember, I am so happy that this continues to work out for you. And I will continue watching off anon

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  4. Alpha m: "I decided to make this video to kinda share my opinion"…. "But I will also casually slide some links in the description so you can buy the product I am promoting".. LOL
    I am not saying CBD doesn't work.. but it is funny how all this Youtubers or Instagramers try so hard to make us believe they actually have no lucrative intention and they just "share" their opinion.. bullshit
    At least this guy tells you to do your research and be careful not buying something you might not need

  5. Without doubt, CBD Oil is the biggest scam. An alternative way of selling the extract of an illegal plant and passing it off as legal. I smoked marijuana when I was younger and noticed it had pain relief benefits and it definitely was relaxing. However, CBD Oil doesn't do anything. It's a money making game and another way governments can make money through taxation on the products. To those who would argue with my statement, I say this: what you are experiencing from CBD Oil is simply a placebo effect.

  6. CBD WORKS FOR ANXIETY!! I just bought some cbd oil today and my severe anxiety, disappeared completely within an hour! I know how terrifying anxiety and panic attacks are so do yourself a favor and head to ur nearest cbd shop and buy one! I have severe pánic attacks where I can’t breathe and this makes me feel normal again anxiety free! Thank you god????????

  7. SO glad I found this video and have found someone just as passionate as I am about CBD products! I have been taking a 500mg two times a day to help conquer anxiety and intrusive thoughts, along with my prescribed medication and this is definitely my favorite do. CBD has basically brought my anxiety and panic from a 100-0. I still battle with intrusive thoughts but they are more to the back ground of my brain. CBD has literally helped me live a fuller life. Like you I was very picky on my brand and did a lot of research. A local business near me was where I chose to purchase my CBD and I love how potent the products are and how reliable they are. Not to mention how sometimes they run sales where I can get multiple and save some big time money! You should totally check them out if you or anyone you know is in NC! Or you can purchase online at

  8. I've been taking CBD 300mg oil now for a couple of weeks, and so far, I cannot detect any visible change in either mood, pain relief or anything else. So I'm pretty sure that the manufacturing process has killed whatever goodness was in the original plant. So if you're expecting miracles, get ready to be disappointed. Oh, and it's friggin expensive. I'm pretty sure that this is all marketing hype created by corporations to scam the ignorant and gullible suckers out there who are looking for the next big thing to solve all their problems.

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