CBD OIL BENEFITS FOR ANXIETY – I've been using CBD oil every day for over 1 year and here is my experience and benefits from using it! It's helped with Daily anxiety, anxiety attacks, ADHD, head aches, pains, sleep and so much more!

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Enter code annie10 at checkout and you can re-use for future purchases. My favorite is Orange OR Lemon-Lime in the 1500mg which has 90 servings, so can last 3 months of daily use!

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  1. Thank you for recommending Soul CBD! I’ve been using it since June and I’m noticing improvements in my health everyday! I just ordered the new Strawberry Gummies! ????????????

  2. My anxiety attack comes with the heavy heart pounding. Not so much of a fast heart rate but heavy in the chest. Then I have to take deep breaths and get a very uneasy feeling…. I take Medterra oil and it helps. But if I don’t take it in a couple days… the anxiety comes back strong in day 3. Lol I was in the army and I’ve never felt this type of way… I wonder if my brain turned weak or what… but nobody around me knows about it. Not trying to insult anybody but for me… this is kind of embarrassing. Thanks for the video on your experience. Good to know there’s other ppl with same issues.

  3. What if I take cbd and then drink alcohol? Do they interfere or are they bad together?

    Also, what if I drink coffe/take caffein pills to wake me up and make me sharper in the morning and then take cbd, do they cancel out one another?

  4. Can this CBD oil cause anxiety I tried taking half dose to the 25 mark which is less than half and I still end up having heart palpitations and restlessness until I do breathing exercises I do have Dr appointment to check for other medical problems, I try not to take CBD daily to make it last

  5. Cannabi Relief CBD oil is great for pain and stress relief, anxiety and sleep support. Order on Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XH642NB or Amazon USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085HGYM19 or Amazon Australia: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07RT4Q7DS

    What do our customers say?

    A. Watson: Fantastic recommend best pain relief
    Best pain relief I've had
    Thanks A Watson

    J. Smith: Excellent CBD oil
    Amazing the best CBD. I've tried another one but this is the best. It calms me down and I sleep beautifully. They also ship it even earlier than expected and this was super as I need the oil.

    A. Brown: Helps turn the pain down
    I have a lot of medical problems,all bring pain, but one of those is allergy to most pain killers. So I bought this product, and finally I have some relief, thank you.

    Jack: CBD oil actually works
    This cbd oil is the strongest hive used in the past two years, Just have to get used to its original taste, And a good price. I also have many friends that have started to use it great value for money.

    Jebus: 5 Stars !!!
    It works great and it’s pure CBD , doesn’t have fillers or additives like many others do .
    Definitely recommend

  6. Do you have a team for this product? Would love to get into affiliate work for something like this!!! Such a big advocate for CBD in general and am in search of a good product.

  7. I started getting anxiety and panic attacks 2 months ago, I got diagnosed with GAD, the symptoms I get (and there are many of them) would be light headedness, dizziness, feeling like I'm gonna faint, hands start sweating, my body starts to tremble, feel like I cant breathe, my chest gets really heavy and tight, tingling sensations in my hands, sometimes feel numb, I get the chills, hot flashes, but I either experience some of these sensations or all of them. I've been prescribed two different medications but have not taken them for fear of side effects and withdrawals. Been looking at a bunch of videos on people's experiences with CBD and I've heard nothing but great things about it, so I'm going to give it a shot.

  8. Omg! I have the same problem. Iam actually on anxiety medication and I just always wanted another alternative and watching this video today, Iam so going to order these. I started with crazy panic attacks ever since I lost my son and it get to where i couldn’t breathe and at times escalated, but this gives me hope on trying something else. Thank you!

  9. Can anyone tell me if the shipping box has "CBD" anywhere on it? I want to try this, but if one of my parents sees it in the mail, I'm going to have some 'splaining to do

  10. Yes yes yes I’ve never heard someone describe every symptom of anxiety that I get. From the throat, to the chest, to everything. The body is a crazy thing. ????

  11. CBD made my anxiety 50 times worse. I just want to spread awareness that for many people it causes the brain to focus too much. It is NOT the relaxation chemical inside of weed, a common misconception. Glad it works for a lot of people though, but it hurt me badly. I got better through diet and exercise though

  12. I read that the value on the bottle i.e. 1500mg is the amount in the entire bottle (which makes sense). So 500mg in 30 drops is the EXACT same as 1500mg in 90 drops in a single bottle. It's super misleading because people will end up spending more and expect a higher percentage of CBD per drop. And then! there are some brands that write a percentage i.e. 15% CBD which you'd then assume is per drop regardless of the actual amount of drops in the bottom (or the volume of liquid) xD! Does anybody know how the latter works? Plus, this is also a heads up to anybody trying CBD or repeatedly buying something for more and not getting necessarily the best value.

  13. I’ve been using soul cbd for couple months or so. I’m on my 4th bottle. I definitely don’t stress at much over stuff and don’t even dread going to work much.

  14. Thanks for this! I was suspended from my job for 2 weeks without pay because I was using Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for back pain and had a dirty urine. I’m definitely going to try this

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