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Opening Up About My Depression & Anxiety:

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  1. My dear brothers and sisters, I am Muslim and I believe we are one family. I am here to spread peace for the sake of our lord. For those of you who are going through difficulties, stay strong and focus on yourself. Also read about the life of the last prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), he is the best role model to follow.

  2. During the pandemic I started to get anxiety and insomnia. I have been talking to a cannabis specialist and so far the CBD is helping me so much. I have more restful sleeps and don’t wake up at 3am like I always was with anxiety. I have been taking it for a month now and I am feeling much better.

  3. I started it 4 days ago for anxiety/depression, it's pulled me out of depression. It feels like i have more willpower towards bad choices. If that makes sense. Instead of pigging out on unhealthy food i've kept a clean diet the last 4 days. Which is unheard of for me. I feel it will also help me beat THC dependence.

  4. I was disgnosed with ocd and anxiety and depression. I was constantly worrying. The specialist i seen recommended effexor. Ive been on effexor its been awesome really helping only downside I have noticed is im very tired and yawn alot. It's hard to get motivated. I need energy as well this is a really bad negative for me. Do you think CBD would be a better option for me?

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  6. Id love to hear if any strains of flower high in cbd helps with period pain. Could you hit me up? Unfortunately thc is still illegal in the UK and the US has alot of products that help with period pains. So any information on cbd regarding this would be great x
    But aside from that iv been using cbd flowers for shoulder pain and anxiety and it has helped both

  7. hey nice video, i literally did research about one cause I wanted to get the right one, also I would recommend to check "CBD Examine" guy on you tube I think he does great job. On the side note, is that a lazarus cbd? I am waiting for delivery on that one, and that I think might get you drowsy as you mention due to quite a bit of THC in it 🙂

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