Have you ever used CBD oil for anxiety? CBD for anxiety has proven to be very effective. If you suffer from anxiety, CBD oil can be the treatment you are looking for.

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12 Responses

  1. Anita, mam try Natures Nutrients CBD!! Listen to our interview on YouTube!! It's called "Is CBD being suppressed" listen to how severe my adult children are and the miraculous results my children attained thru CBD dosing!! YOU DO NOT NEED A MEDICAL CARD TO PURCHASE CBD!! It's been considered a supplement since November 2018!! Google Natures Nutrients!! I have used numerous brands of CBD over a three-year period always looking for the better or best! Obviously wanting to lean away from inferior products for the sake of my children!! Natures Nutrients is as pure as it gets and it's only $60 on the web for the standard 2 ounce bottle!! For the sake of my children I've done a lot of homework on this!! ☮️

  2. What a load of shit. This is just fake science. CBD for anxiety. Wouldn't that be wonderful, but any of us with half a brain no this aint gonna do shit to stop the skyrocketing numbers with anxiety. More complex than a weed spin off sorry.

  3. I tried several different CBD tinctures to help with anxiety and intermittent back pain.
    In my experience CBD didn't help for either. Nothing.

    I also tried edibles (THC) and they didn't help for pain, but they DID help with anxiety. I was pretty impressed.

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