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Link to the oil we use and discount code as well as our social media links below- Not an ad…just a happy mom sharing her story!

As a special needs mum to 3 kids with disabilities…Autism, Aspergers and Down Syndrome , you can imagine life has been quite hectic!

Joshua was a fairly average happy baby who was starting to say the basic words mama dada etc. At 18-20 months we started to notice huge changes in him… rapidly he lost his eye contact his interaction his voice and his personality …he was locked in his own world. As soon as we got the official diagnosis of non-verbal autism we started physiotherapy occupational therapy and speech therapy to try to bring him back but to no avail. He became sensory to food and would barely eat and his diet became restricted to yellow foods waffles nuggets and ona good day digestive biscuits. He bounced incessantly and was up most nights

At around 2 and a half years old I came across a lady who recommended trying CBD oil I'd never even heard of it but I was willing to try anything!!

Within days I saw massive changes he started to eat almost everything….he started to babble.. slowly his eye contact came back then his interaction with his siblings and words started to come.. he sleeps every night.. the stimming flapping and sensory issues are hugely reduced.

We have our happy boy back… he still has autism but CBD oil has greatly reduced his anxieties, his meltdowns and changed his life and ours and I'll be forever grateful

I started Molly and Jamie on it over the last 2 years to help with sleep, concentration and general calmness and I take it religiously myself. I can't recommend it enough

This video will hopefully explain it all to you

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The oil we take is

The difference between the flaxseed and the Hemp oil is that flack seed has been added to give a nicer flavour… that is the one we use.
They have just kindly offered me a 20% discount code so make sure to use…..
Code: mollyandjoshua

Hope this video helps just even one of you to take the plunge to try it


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  1. I have a question, my niece is 11 years old she was diagnosed with autism nonverbal at the age of 3. She was talking and repeating words now she doesn't talk at all. I am glad I ran into this video I'm interested in ordering the oil for her. But my question is The doctor prescribed her ”clonidine” if we were to give her the CBD oil should we stop giving her the ”clonidine” which is a blood pressure pill to help her sleep?

  2. Hi thanks for your videos, have found them so useful. I just wondered if you can help advice on the strength. As have come across different brands saying different things and feeling very overwhelmed! Is a full dropper 2.5mg if its 2.5%, one brand has told me on a 30ml bottle of 3% CBD two individual drops of oil equals the 3mg, I have tried this but just seems to be SO much less than your videos so am worried if maybe this was incorrect? Do you know how many mg you are given per day total? Thanks so much! xxx

  3. My son has autism and Im so torn between Charolettes web because of the 0.3 percent thc and Greenheart because its from out of the US especially with this whole covid 19 thing. Were you skeptical also? Ordering outside of ireland?

  4. I am looking into getting cbd oil and I’m trying to do some research, I’m an autistic adult, living in Ireland also, do you need your doctor to recommend it or can I go get it, i was told it’s in Holland and Barrett

  5. Hi I love your videos! I would like to try this in my 3 year old son with autism, I just dnt know which percentage and dosage to give him, if you could just give me some advise I would really appreciate it.

  6. Thank you for being so open about your journey ,helping your son. I love watching your updates because you can clearly see what a big difference its making in his life. I'm strongly considering using CBD oil for my 3yr old son

  7. I have a 3 year old autistic girl. She is very sweet, will come to you at random times to give you a hug and a kiss, but she won’t talk, won’t respond to her name, walks on her toes, difficult with food- won’t feed herself except for snack food, sleep is not good either. She is most of the day in her own world…we tried Charlottes web it didn’t work. We tried hempworx too and not seeing any difference. We live in the US and really want to try this oil. I just feel like we have not found the right one for us. Thank you for making this video. I hope they can deliver here

  8. Hmmm curious about the flax seed blend. I live in the USA, I don’t think I can get it. My daughter has Down syndrome. We love our cbd oil because of the taste and just use a few drops to 1/2 a dropper. But wondering with the flax if I would have more results.

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