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I use CBD oil to try and help my post-pregabalin state. I'm not sure whether I'm going through PAWS or not, but my tinnitus is definitely a source of anxiety that won't be going away anytime soon. CBD helps out a bit with that.

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29 Responses

  1. Do you take anti depressants?

    Do NOT tell me that you refuse to take those because they're "evil big pharma bad drugs" and still looking for the solutions in the continued absorption of other drugs?

    Just fucking take anti depressants bro , they work. You might have to test which ones are best for you at the moment and it might require some (hard) times but in the end they should help you function more normally …. especially the anxiety.

  2. Over 400 prescription drugs are ototoxic. My severe tinnitus could have been caused by Welbutrin (bupropion), but loud music for decades is more likely the cause.
    According to my ENT doctor tinnitus is rarely reversible and is usually permanent.

  3. if you have pulsatile tinnitus try these:
    good source of calcium
    spirulina from aquariums
    pasjonflower extract
    massaging neck (youtube search the reddit tinnitus relief)
    lots of magnesium
    ginko bilboa
    white lion mane extract
    Coconut oil with MZT
    omega 3 fish oil
    Lots of fermented foods

    Drinking lime/lemon water for balacing PH in body fluids,

  4. There's a lot of misconceptions. I work for a CBD business and I've had to do a lot of research. I recommend you look into a full or broad spectrum WATER SOLUABLE. It will absorb into your body and cross the blood brain barrier faster. It's bioavailablitiy is also about 80% opposed to the 5-10% bioavailablitiy of edibles or capsules. It also only takes about 10-20min to kick in. Stay away from isolates. I can elaborate if needed.

  5. @AVI As long as you have anxiety your tinnitus will be loud the bigger the anxiety the louder tinnitus gets that's why when you take a xanax the tinnitus goes away I have tinnitus but mine is very quiet because I learned mindfull meditation practice and applied it to my daily life and got my anxiety under control I suggest you download the app headspace and learn to meditate and then apply what you learn to your daily life you will have your anxiety under control and your tinnitus will be so quiet it will not bother you anymore.

  6. Seriously go watch julian videos on tinnitus , i know its a bitch , but in your anxious ocd state , your tinnitus must be mostly because your nerveous system is fucked ,dont look for a cure just tey to not focus on it , try living as normally you used to cheers and i hope you find goood results

  7. pure cbd/oil stuff is messy in my experience, at least pure cb is. As long as You don't get the full terpene spectrum, its rather bullshit than helpful.

  8. Just a warning for any other chronic tinnitus sufferers: CBD can also make it much much worse. Brain chemistry is very variable. If it helps you, that's awesome! But brace yourself for the alternative as well. I had the worst suicidal ideation and loudest tinnitus of my life while trying to use CBD oil for a couple weeks. I had to literally cry and sleep and talk myself down from drastic solutions to stop how bad it got and wait for it to leave my system.

    I do have a pretty odd biochemistry it seems though, so hopefully most people can enjoy relief from CBD. Hopefully I'm in the minority here

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