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Would you prefer to make your own cannabis extract at home? At Endoca, we'll show you how to make Cannabis oil/CBD oil at home, EASILY!

At Endoca, we produce the highest quality CBD oil and Cannabinoid extracts, using state of the art lab and GMP procedure to create a true medicine that is helping thousands of people all around the world.
In this video, however, we step out from the lab and we explain to you how to make this medical Cannabis extractor CBD oil extracts at home.This is a more refined and safe procedure than the one explained by Rick Simpson who was the first person to make Cannabis oil or RSO Oil popular in the mainstream media. If you can't buy the extract we make at, make your own natural medicine using Cannabis.

What you will need in order to make your own Cannabis oil are the following: Cannabis or hemp plant material (dried and shredded), glass bowls, plastic spoon, alcohol (over 60% pure), Sieve, coffee machine, several Coffee filters (depending on how much material you have to process), water distiller or rice cooker or pan and hot plate
paperclip, cigarette lighter.

Make your own Cannabis oil at home, EASILY by following few easy steps. The first step consists of putting the cannabis plant material into a bowl and covering it with cold alcohol. Next, you will need to stir for three minutes with the plastic spoon and then sieve the mixture into another bowl. Then, filter the mixture through a coffee filter and distil the liquid until 80% of the alcohol volume has gone. If you use a rice cooker or hot plate to evaporate the alcohol, it is better to do this outside. Don't forget however that the fumes are very flammable and could explode. Afterward, pour the remaining liquid into a small bowl and make sure you heat on the coffee machine hot plate for 24 hours in order to remove the remaining alcohol. The final step is to take a paperclip, dip it in the oil and try lighting it with a flame. If a spark occurs there is still alcohol left so you should place it back on the coffee machine for a few more hours.
If you would like to store the oil, draw it up into a medical syringe and keep it in your fridge.

Cannabis oil / CBD oil is our specialty at Endoca. We make the highest quality CBD oil and Cannabinoid extracts, using our state of the art lab, supercritical CO2 extraction process and GMP procedures to create a true medicine that is helping thousand of people all around the world. To find out more about our products, make sure you visit our website –

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  1. Hi there I was thinking about using rso I’m based in Scotland and have a supplier lined up what is it like to use rather than modern day pain killers I suffer for bowel disease and are in a lot of pain but I’m worried will it get me stoned or Will it just give pain relief and also what should I be paying for the medicine per gram should it be cheaper the more I buy or a set rates per gram and lastly is there anyway on checking the quality so I know it’s safe

  2. Before you dress up in your white coat to make yourself look like a chemist and start telling people how to make cannabis oil go back to the start of your video and take a good look at the rubbish your growing because of the distance between the buds it's obvious you've been plucking them during the growing stages any good grower knows that taking the leaves off to let more light in is not helping the plant because the plant feeds from the leaf so all your doing is growing stalks

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