I had the privilege of interviewing Mental Health Therapist Tara Nichols about the new, organic, THC-free CBD oil coming soon to Young Living. We discuss the differences between marijuana and hemp, the importance of quality sourcing, and more.

http://www.pubmed.com Search “cannabidiol.”

Young Living's THC-free, organic CBD oil is coming soon! Stay tuned for release date. In the meantime, check out their other premium quality essential oils, health supplements, and non-toxic, plant-based home & body products: http://www.hopeessentials.org


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  1. When CBD oil has not THC, it helps a lot. First it comes down a person who has schizophrenia, allows think better. And actually feel as ownself. The secret to that is no, no and again no THC

  2. In this country schizophrenia is total catastrophe. Those who suffer it need pure CBD, with 0 THC. What so ever , but you all only speak how much good THC does. THC big no no for schizophrenic people. Pure CBD works us natural untipsycotic and it has a lots of benefits for people who have mental problem. If CBD will have TCH it will cause relapse, will make schizophrenic to go crazy. Why you guys don’t support pure CBD, we need help to.

  3. THC – Free is not something that should be seen as something positive, Cannabinoids interact with you Endo Cannabinoid system, and you need many cannabinoids to work together. CBD, CBG, CBGA, THC and the ratio's of each-other (and many other phytocannabinoids) is what is considered to have the highest medical benefit. There is something called the "Entourage Effect of Cannabinoids". Please review Mara Gordon's video about it. She is highly respected speaker on Cannabinoids and their Applications. Even Terpenoids are important for the right kind medical benefit from Cannabis. Extreme low percentages are actually very ok. (0.2 percent THC) FULL SPECTRUM CBD – Oil is what I recommend for children with autism. My son was diagnosed with it and now the autism is in a very low spectrum with the help of this type Full Spectrum CBD Oil together with lots of therapy, ABA Training and more.

    In the UK you can buy this oil at almost any store because the low THC is considered a nutraceutical.

    Mara Gordon

    Just a tip from someone who has been using CBD oils with success.

  4. For my new years resolution, I decided to quit weed and take up cbd oil via vaping to assist me to ease off. It’s been 2 weeks exactly, however, I have been having extreme nightmares. I have had one good dream and that’s it but my nightmares have been so extreme that I wake up in cold sweats every night.

    Update: it’s been a month and 5 days and these vivid nightmares have not stopped. I have started to ease of the cbd oil but yet it continues. Does the intake make a difference, I am not sure yet. Perhaps it may when I completely quit. I’ll let you know.

  5. I have extreme PTSD due to being a first responder in a prison . CBD during the day and smoking an Indica at night; along with meditation and therapy has saved my life. Also helped relieve my Overactive Bladder and other anxiety symptoms. It’s not a cure all but it is a godsend.

  6. Works great for me, makes me feel really at ease + I have more desire to exercise and less random pains. I use micellesorb cbd, that's the type they recomment cuz it's absorbed best when you take it in a capsule, no need to vape it! Thanks for the vid btw.

  7. CBD works great for lots of people. You can take it by smoking hemp, by vaping CBD, by putting drops of the liquid under the tongue, by eating the liquid either alone or in a food like gummies, and it can be but in the anus.

    I hear it takes a concentration of about .10% THC to get high where CBD is usually .3% or less THC to be legal and not give you a high.

    Since I'm not associated with ANYONE let me tell you it can be bought online also. Do your research some are just snake oil but you can Google good company's if you need a specific type and they don't have it.

    Good video over all glad you are informing people.
    THC does have a place in medicine though for tumors and cancer along with CBD. CBD helps counter act the high from THC. More THC and less CBD you have in medical the higher you get…..add more CBD and it will lesson the high from the THC. For people who don't like the high but want or need the THC it's said you can use it rectally and you don't get the same high but still get the medical benefits of the THC.
    DISCLAIMER I'm not a doctor, this is NOT medical advice. Do your research since some medicine could interact if you try this. I never used anything with high THC content do to local laws so those comments are based off of research I did not personal experience. DO MORE RESEARCH MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND…..

  8. I've a friend who suffers chronic back pain and he bought some of this stuff. He woke up in agony a few days ago, squirted some in his mouth and 20 minutes later he was as right as rain.

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