500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture:
CBD: 4.29 wt % | THC: .24 wt %


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  1. CBD tincture (green revolution tincture CBD) is been helping me a lot with my ptsd & anxiety ???? also I’m not so hungry anymore and I have more energy 🙂 only thing my mouth is super dry and my tongue feels weird , but I can live with that ♥️????

  2. Wow they sent you a 500 mg which most ppl. take in " higher dossges" I wasn't too purchase but my puffin is to severe and the cheaper 50-200 mg dosage ii but think works not benefit much. In Canada CBD oils is just limited and way more overpriced and no US distilaries ship to Canada

  3. The fact that you can even make a video about anxiety and post it on YouTube for the world to see is mind blowing for me. My anxiety and self doubt would never let me do that. Just the thought of my friends/family seeing that would make me freak out.

  4. Tried it and had another f@#%(# anxiety attack after going for several months without one thank God and not even a few days after taking this shit i make an ass of myself in eb games,only a very small minority of people will understand when i say that in those HELLISH moments of an overwhelming rush of irrational fear,shame and a feeling of foreboding i'd much rather feel like i was on the verge of certain death (Panic Attack ) then deal with this shit everyday,so my trial with this trash is over,but if it works for some of you and helps take the edge off then more power to you i'm glad it's atleast having a positive impact for some people .

  5. You mentioned you suffer from insomnia? My sis has it bad, and prescription meds have stopped working for her. This brand of tincture was the one she tried, and the first three nights she loved it and slept well! Our whole family was super optimistic. But then last night it didn’t work for her. Granted she has an international flight today, but she had all her stuff together and isn’t afraid of flying at all. She was still up all night despite taking three dropper-fulls of the one in the green bottle. So it’s such a bummer that her anxiety still kept her up. Seems she’s the only one this doesn’t work for. Did this one help your sleep? Or do you have anything you recommend that’s better for sleeping? Thanks for all your informative videos, you’re making a difference!

  6. OMG… Why doesn't this stuff work for me??? I've been using CBDPure and it doesn't work for my pain. Maybe for the anxiety but damn this pain sucks right now. Sorry for complaining, yikes!

  7. I’ve suffered from anxiety for 8-9 years and I get bad anxiety light headed muscle tense equilibrium is off tingly hands face all the above I experience on a daily basis so I decided to try the cbd and it’s been 2 days now and I have t touched my Valium at all but I still have anxiety but it doesn’t seem to be as intense as it was prior to taking cbd I mainly have used it like a Valium when ever I’m going into an attack I take the cbd does it really help tho like long term

  8. I have had HORRIBLE panic attackas from smoking weed and I currently worry about everything and am always on edge and I am holding the bottle in my hand, its only a 1mg dosage and I am so psyching myself out. I am terrified to try it cause I am scared to feel high or something.

  9. Thanks so much for this! Getting your live reaction while you were taking the oil was very helpful. And also you checking back in during the day and letting us know how you were feeling. I'm really hopeful this is going to help my dog with her anxiety! And me with pain. Going to check out the cbdistillery link and coupon code!

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