Quick review of Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil from HoneyColony. Check out the CBD hemp oil here: http://bit.ly/SuperiorCBDoil

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Benefits of CBD Oil:
* Balances the Nervous System
* Balances the Musculo-Skeletal System
* Promotes Mental Clarity, Focus & Memory
* Supports Calm & Relaxation
* Supports Healthy Immune & Stress Response
* Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response
* Provides Anti-Oxidant Support
* Supports Healthy Energy & Stamina

Details about the Legal Status of CBD oil:

*** Please do your own due diligence regarding the legality of CBD oil in your state or country. ***

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One BIG DISTINCTION when it comes to CBD oil is “Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD.” The Superior CBD Hemp from HoneyColony is “Hemp-Derived.”

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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell reviews CBD hemp oil from HoneyColony. Tests show that cannabinoid oil for anxiety is just one of the many CBD hemp oil benefits. Many also use CBD oil for pain. As far as CBD vs. THC — This formulation offers all the health benefits of hemp oil without the feeling of being “high.” Check out this healthy hemp oil review for more details!


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  1. Can't wait to try my wife has diabetes and she gets shooting nerve pain in her legs and she is so miserable can't take pain pills I hope it works for her it's tuff to watch her suffering so much

  2. I have the type of seizures where my head feels like it's going to explode, I get real dizzy, real confusion, extreme mental anxiety, and OCD. Celexa, Ativan, and Tripleptal helps but not a hundred percent effect always.

  3. CBD is total junk. on the max dose I felt literally NOTHING. Smokeable/edible organic marijuana, (NOT hemp…no THC = CRAP), best way to go IF it's legal…the feds need to legalize weed already and stop treating it's citizens like idiots…condescending assholes..

  4. Honey Colony is a scam company ran by criminal who is committing FRAUD by taking your money, not shipping the product and refuses to provide a refund,  STAY AWAY!

  5. Some suppliers offer deals at half the cost or even less. Shop the market and share with friends and family. We need to drive the prices down on this stuff so everyone can afford it and enjoy it's benefits.

  6. I take CBD oil from CBD Essence. I ordered the 600 CBD mg oil content along with the 1,200 CBD content in pill form & the peppermint taffy that contains in each piece 10 mg of CBD. I’m one who has been living with chronic pain for 4 yrs now & pain management doctors can’t figure out what’s going on with me. They are saying it’s either fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. Either way I started CBD oil about 5 weeks ago & what a huge difference this stuff has made for me in my quality of life. Before I hadn’t driven in 3 months because my pain was out of control. I was in bed most of the days & I needed help showering at times. The very next day from taking CBD I woke up for once with no pain what so ever. I felt like this was to good to be true but throughout the day I was pain free until about 10:30pm I felt it creeping back on me. So right away I took my CBD & I was good to go. I now make sure to take my CBD oil or CBD pill everyday spreading the doses sporadicly. I will always make sure I will never run out & have it in stock. CBD has saved me BIG TIME !!!!!!!

  7. CBD ??? …250 mg???
    okay..this tells …in america it is always bigger!!…lol

    In the Netherlands we use 5mg….
    Makes me sleep great (my dogs are waking me up…before that i was waking them up)!
    My dad has no phantom pains anymore…(just with 5mg )..
    Sister of a friend….has gone from insuline to reducing meds for her diabetis!!!

  8. one question: how can it avoid getting in your system if you drink it instead of under the tungue? Omega 3 oil is in capsuls, and we swallow those np and they break in the stomach or whatever… can anyone tell me if this junkie way of taking cbd oil is really necessary if you want to try it?

  9. Snake oil salesman.!!!! If it's legal in all the states it isn't any good.!!!! You can't buy it off the internet you can't buy it from a guy in the alley. You can't buy it from a friend of a friend. !!!! You have to make it yourself.!!!! Or you will be ripped off. !!!!!

  10. Sean, calling this hemp oil is akin to calling Heineken barley juice, with a few other added ingredients. 12 drops suggests it is quite diluted with the 6 herbs that are in it, all of which help to produce the effects you felt (and quite a bit less expensive). Taking any one of these adaptogens alone that are in this can promote those same feelings and cost Vastly Less. Maybe sometime do a review of CDB oil–neat. This product is quite a bit more expensive per milligram of oil than straight CBD oil and misleading to compare this to other CBD oils that are only CBD. You can call it an herbal formula and that would be more factual than saying it is a CBD Oil Review. Just so you know.

  11. I just got mine in the mail, but it's Revive , don't really know much of this, I feel a bit nerves just because I've been smoking weed all this time and I don't want to over due myself with this ha ????????????

  12. Meh. Tried it. Maybe it works for some, but it didn't do anything for me. In all fairness, I have a complicated injury. Hell, smoking doesn't even help it. Still, it might work for standard aches and pains. Doesn't do much for a botched hernia surgery, though.

  13. Dude you made this a lot easier to show my grandma, if I told her about it she'd think I was a pot head, truth is I have anxiety & depression and this is a hell of a lot better adderall and Zoloft.

  14. Looking into CBD for my chronic pancreatitis. I live in MN though so I'm not sure if what we have here will work. I used to smoke cannabis flower but recently it has made my anxiety go nuts so I've refrained.

  15. Beware of (PG) Propylene Glycol CBD liquids. (PG) E Liquid's with or without nicotine contain many harmful chemicals some of which are contained within being used to extract the nicotine from the leaf and you cannot purchase the pure nicotine extract unless you purchase wholesale!?, it has been made illegal which I suspect the reason is only to make the harmful stuff available, so you have to grow your own tobacco and naturally make your extract and add it to the (VG) if you want nicotine. They can't get you with cigarettes so they get you with E-liquids.
    You can purchase (VG) pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycol CBD liquids and purchase the pure CBD crystals for a healthier alternative to be added to (VG). Don't fall for the hype. Hosea 4:6 KJV

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