With all the exciting new vape products coming to the market, it can be hard to keep track of which product does what. CBD products have expanded dramatically over the last year. It can be challenging to understand all the nuances between the different vaporizer products out there.

Use our guide to understand which CBD product will be right for you to consume. You can look to South Beach Smoke for fast, convenient delivery of all your CBD products once you decide what method of consumption you want for CBD.

CBD Oil Or Tincture

CBD oil or CBD tincture is made by extracting CBD and then adding that CBD to a carrier oil such as olive or MCT oil. This product is often called a tincture. CBD binds to fat, so the oil acts as a binding agent when mixed with the CBD extract.

Highlights of CBD Tincture:

E-liquid aka Vape Juice

E-liquid and vape juice can also feature CBD extract. However, e-liquid and vape juice must be vaporized in order to be consumed. CBD e-liquid will also have a lower amount of CBD than CBD oil, and therefore more vaping will be required to reach an amount similar to CBD oil.

Highlights of CBD E-Liquid

Just note, e-liquid typically does not have terpene profiles and offers a lower serving of CBD compared to other CBD products on the market. This makes e-Liquid a choice for the consumer who wants smaller servings of CBD.

Which product is the best to use?

Your desired serving of CBD will dictate which method of consumption is right for you. There is not a “better” choice between CBD tinctures and CBD e-liquid.

Tips About CBD E-Liquids

Tips About CBD Tinctures

Which Vaporizer system is best for CBD?

CBD e-liquid does not work differently than traditional e-liquids, and therefore virtually any vaporizer system will be able to support CBD e-liquid. Some vaporizer systems can make it easier to switch between CBD e-liquid and nicotine liquids, including CBD vape pens.

Pod Vaporizers allow users to change between e-liquids by switching out the pod system within the vaporizer. Pod systems are great for traveling and for storage, making them excellent for trying out new e-liquids.

Box mod systems are always a great choice no matter what e-liquid you’re using. If your box mod has a tank system then switching between CBD e-liquids and your other e-liquids is effortless.

Where is the best place to buy CBD oil and E-liquid?

It can be confusing going from store to store to find all the vape products you’re looking for. DirectCBD carries all the vaporizers, parts, and accessories you need to keep your vaporizer system performing at its best.

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