CBD Oils: Are There Dangers/Precautions (Pharmacist Perspective)

Bob and Brad along with guest speaker, Chris the Pharmacist present the dangers and precautions of CBD oils.

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38 Responses

  1. I wonder if the reason for there not being much research about the cbd has to do with the pharmaceutical company want to push there own agenda and get people hooked and depended on their synthetic drug. Now doctors, pharmaceutical company, government official want to appear shocked and studious to the new " discovery". come on guys, the hippies and natives proved it worked that there's healing properties in this plant. Yet, we still in the USA have the highest number of mass incarceration of black and minorities for crimes related to the same thing we are learning about here. That being said I found this to be inspiring.

  2. Not true
    Dr Philip Blair has a great upload on CBD. Infact it has been proven to reverse liver damage if used correctly. The study with liver issues was done on mice at a very high dose. So I'm more inclined to trust a medical Dr who was initially an army Dr and now a family physician. I agree it needs to be regulated as there is a lot of snake oil out there and unscrupulous sellers. But people need to do their own due diligence. You would have to take a huge amount of CBD to get liver damage and you are talking about the prescribed CBD…

  3. CBD is awesome, but have you tried some good kratom ever? For me even way better for anxiety, lack of energy and focus. But, the quality makes a difference, farmed one is just not anything like the original wildly grown one. And here in Indonesia we got only one project that sources and supplies real wild grown kratom, name is Borneo Energy, some kind of charity program. More than recommendable! Can find it from borneo.energy

  4. Its too bad you guys didn't get someone that had more knowledge about CBD. This guy would be a wealth of information about Pharmaceuticals, but quite lacking with regard to CBD… says a 'certified cannabinoid therapy specialist' !

  5. That was so cute with the doctor in the middle and the other two bubbling away with their questions! I just bought a bottle in Sydney, $140 375mg per millililitre, just took my dose and I do feel calm but its too early to come to any conclusion!

  6. i'M 83 YEARS YOUNG AND JUST BEFORE I HAD MY 83rd BIRTHDAY I STARTED HAVING TROUBLE WITH ALL OF MY MUSCLES. i WENT TO MY PRIMARY DR. AND HE SENT ME TO A PHEUMATOLOGIS AND NEITHER ONE COULD FIND OUT WHAT WAS CAUSING MY MUSCLE PROBLEM. My son had order one of the CBD Oils that had just come out and he said Mom you should try this. So I did one evening. Believe it or not, the next morning I was able to move in the bed where I hadn't even been able to turn over before and I got up and I couldn't believe the differnece I was sexperiencing. I said I wanted to make sure I was able to take this daily and see that it does for me. Thank heavens I am able to do things I haven't been able to do for some time. I have been taking it daily after my primary care Dr. said it was ok to take. I just ordered a different one and with it came a bottle of CBD Capsules, along with the CBD Oil that I have been taking daily. I didn't know if the capsules (one per day) could be used along with the CBD Oil that I take before I get out of bed in the morning, along with my Tylenol. Those are the two things that have made a big difference with what I am able to do. My husband, died in February 2017 and I had really missed him and really didn't want to do much of anything. Now I am able to do things and want to do more things I enjoy. I just received this new CBD Oil and the capsules that came with it and didn't know if I should try taking them both, One in the morning and one in the evening. I couldn't find any information about the use of both of them together. I still have trouble with being able to do things for long periods of time without resting for a short period. I don't know if it is just that I'm getting older or if I can do something to give me more energy. There are days I can do more things for a longer period of time and can do a great deal of things that cause a lot of movement. Then there are days I just don't seem to want to even get started doing anything. I need to have more energy . I have had two cancer surgeries and with the last one the tumor was attached to the bladder, even though it was not cancerous they wanted me to have radiation around the area but that caused problems with the bladder and I eventually had to have a urostomy. I've learned to handle that ok, wish I hdn't needed it but they were having trouble wit the urine flowing into the kidney. So now I have to keep checking my kidney to make sure it is functioning correctly. So far, the CBD Oil has not affected the kidney and that is what I would have to watch. My blood pressure has been really good. I guess I will try taking the capsule and working in the Oil as needed.

  7. I am 52 years old and have smoked weed every day from the age of 30 to 44. I went to work every day and did an hour of intensive exercise 5 times a week. The only drawback I experienced was that my short-term memory regularly had minor problems. That was the reason I quit smoking weed. Just quit overnight and never had withdrawal symptoms. Now I started a few weeks ago with CBD oil from a solid brand for back pain. It helps a little bit against pain. But no matter how little I take, I don't sleep well and am pretty drowsy during the day.

  8. CBD is unregulated, its free for all, you dont know whether you are getting a REAL CBD or the synthetic kinds as no one is checking! I was taking CBD gummies for 3 months and I had withdrawal! Not sure whether I got the synthetic CBD since it is so unregulated but I was getting a lot of bad effects WHEN I WAS taking it. I became sensitive to noise, high pitch sounds, my left ear would make a knocking sound after being exposed to loud noises. I got rashes on my LEFT hand as well and some pain developing on xiphoid process area (middle part just above your stomach). Last week, I stopped taking CBD edibles and for 3 days I got an EXTREME case of insomnia. I wasnt able to sleep for 2 days straight and on 3rd day I would sleep only for 3hrs and wont stay asleep. My brain became so noisy. I get nervous for no reason, my heart would beat so fast! A week into this — the rashes are going away, the unknown pain above my stomach is also gone, I am still sensitive to sounds and my left ears still knock once in a while, but my BRAIN still is noisy. Terrifying shit, I know I may be a RARE case as CBD seems to be the holy grail for all — but not with my experience. Won't take it again. I went to ENT and no hearing loss, nothing out of normal, not even a wax or fluid. Told me, whatever I took, to stop taking it and wait for a month.

  9. Hard to trust ANYONE in bed with the pharmaceutical world because they always talk against anything natural and it cracks me up because medicine has sooo many side effects and almost always leads to another frkn issue requiring another medicine!!!I hate it and I will always trust and educate myself about the herbal world.These plants dont grow on this planet just for looks..the creator put it here for us to learn and use!!You have to be smart about it but I'm all for cbd!!leave the quacks and their meds alone unless you wanna kill yourself slowly.js.All that being said please do research and get quality product!!Dont just grab a stupid bottle of cbd at your gas station!!!Use your head please!.I recommend lookin at the top 5 or 10 on a list.. google it .learn and be healthy people!!Nuleaf,Charlotte's web and best of the best Spruce is where I'd start.These are reputable and high potency cbd oils.

  10. My doctor has no clue about CBD. No help there. Since there are no trustworthy studies, nobody can tell anything for sure. It's trial and error then. By the way, does Bob his haircuts by himself? Looks like an accident.

  11. Before taking any advice seriously, please be aware this fuckers have been servicing and profiting from the pharmaceutical industry..
    YES! You guest it! all those pills ???? you have been addicted too (prescribed heroin) they gave em to you.. they have kept you addicted and they want to make sure you stay that way, or else their profits go to shit!!

  12. Ya guys, you talk alot when the guy is talking. It's not nice to follow or listen to. Great topic though Less rambling and let the guy give his info. This is not the comedy 'from the hip' part of your show. This is an interview.

  13. HEY EVERYONE have you heard of CBDa?  ….  I know most of us viewing have all heard the buzz about CBD.  There are some reputable companies out there including American Shaman.  American Shaman is a full spectrum product but good products, however,  who still have the 0.3% THC content and so for those who get drug tested remember even small amounts of THC can build up in your system if using for a period overtime which  could possibly in the long run have you fail a drug test depending how sophisticated the drug test is.   One CBD wholesaler of Broad Spectrum CBD called Cheer Organics who also use nano technology, however, Cheer Organics mostly focus and work with  chiropractors/physicians at pain clinics. Reason being doctors are looking for the stringent chromatography process and proprietary state of the art extraction creating 0.0%THC free process which is what pain doctors look for because pain management doctors do drug test their patients for THC just in case if they feel they need to prescribe and opioid   ….  But have you heard of CBDa?   If your not aware of  "The father of CBD" Raphael Mechoulam talks about CBDa and its superior efficacy compared to regular CBD.  CBDa is actually the precursor to CBD, what happens is when the hemp plant is extracted CBDa is exposed to heat and that causes decarboxylation, meaning the carbon bond is detached and then becomes CBD.  HOWEVER one company has a patented process that does have CBDa in some of their product and the results are superior.  DR. Steven Trobiani, MD talks about CBDa and how and why it works differently than regular CBD.  Check it out his videos on this landing page https://jtx.myctfo.com/index.html.    Hope you all enjoyed this information.  Again check out Dr. Trobiani's video about CBDa.

  14. Bob & Brad, you guys are awesome and I'm glad you did this one.
    Chris is pretty much on point and I appreciate the cautious pharmacist perspective. That said, the science on medicinal marijuana is still in its infancy, since it was illegal to study, and western medicine doesn't know much about it yet. I'd say more if it weren't outside the scope of this video, but for someone with cancer or seizures, watch "Cannabis v.s Cancer". (v.s is not a typo). Don't let the low budget turn you off, it's pretty deep.
    I've used CBD and THC medicinally in a variety of ways for about 15 years. I also stretch and exercise. CBD oil under the tongue works well for my back pain, no getting high.
    I get it from https://www.californiabotanicalsdirect.com/ because the owner is an old friend with quality products. Here in California you can get low quality stuff at the gas station, but I don't. Use a good supplier.

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