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Check out this CBD penny stock that has big growth potential in a hot growing sector. This penny stock is traded in the OTC exchange and is currently positioned to reap the benefits of a potential 89 Billion dollar market by 2026. Stocks to buy are always stocks that show value to the investor and potential to grow overtime. OTC stocks or penny stocks are risky/rewarding plays if their business model and team can succeed in a demanding market. CB appears to be more widely used and accepted for its numerous apparent health benefits.This company is a vertically-integrated hemp company dedicated to the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality CB products. This Penny stock company is dedicated to producing organic CB products sustainably grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

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*Disclaimer: Retire Young has been paid $1,200 by a third party to provide coverage on 2/24/2021 for Sweet Earth Holdings. (SEHCF).
*Additional Disclaimer: These videos are for educational purposes only. Everything is my opinion. I am not a financial advisor*


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  1. If anyone havenโ€™t tried CBD . It actually does work. I could see this industry booming over the next many years. I mean just look at the gas stations & smoke shops โ€œCBD SOLD HEREโ€ itโ€™s everywhere!

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  3. weal what do you think about Tanzanian Gold? is too cheap and with a lot potential for been a precious metal and by any means is overvalued your thoughts?

  4. Retire Young, did you see Fisker today FSR? Can you do a review on the news that just released on their next vehicle and manufacturer along with price action review?

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