Compared with its sister, the face mask, the sheet mask is a relative newcomer on the skin care scene. Why is every beauty influencer and their mother going gaga for sheet masks these days? The invention is not just about the totally Instagrammable ugly-beauty moment of wearing the ghostly cut-outs pressed against your face. (Though it is fun to join in on that funny photo parade as so many celebs have.) Find out about what a sheet mask actually does, how to select a good CBD-infused sheet mask and CBD sheet mask best practices below.

cbd face mask best practices

What Do Sheet Masks Do for Skin?

Think of a sheet mask as providing your skin with some “beauty sleep” even if you didn’t catch all that many Zzzs the night before. It’s an effective, automatic, skin-plumping boost—in under 30 minutes. So, maybe it’s more like a beauty nap than sleep!

The mask can be made of cellulose (like KARIBO’s), cotton, fiber or even coconut pulp. It is a material mask (hence the “sheet” in its name) that is infused with ingredients that you “stick” to your skin. The sheet is saturated with hydrating ingredients, such as KARIBO’s CBD, hyaluronic acid and black licorice extract. Because of the sheet aspect, the mask is able to hold the moisture in and get it back into the skin more effectively. A traditional mask might dry while applied to your skin, but a sheet mask isn’t intended to do that.

While the main benefit of a sheet mask is typically hydration, a very important factor in youthful-looking skin, it also can infuse other beneficial ingredients. For example, KARIBO CBD Infused Face Mask brings green tea extract into its mix. Green tea is a powerful botanical naturally rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals while reducing inflammation and irritation. It also uses antioxidant rosemary flower extract. This beautiful antioxidant aids in protecting skin cells from damage caused by the sun and free radicals.

How to Select a CBD Sheet Mask

There are a few things we recommend looking for when selecting a CBD sheet mask.

The first is the material. We love our soft and pliable cellulose because it really stands up to moisture. It won’t fall apart like cotton sheet masks or other materials might. Plus, the two-piece construction is super helpful when applying it. A one-piece mask is hard to fit well across your face and might feel awkward.

The next thing to look for is a topnotch hydrating ingredient. We highly suggest choosing one with hyaluronic acid in the ingredient list. This powerhouse hydrator has real science behind it. It’s proven to draw water to the skin. Also, avoid products that have parabens, phthalates, sulfates and preservatives that might irritate your skin. This mask is all about soothing and should boast gentle ingredients only.

The other key aspect is the quality of the CBD that’s going into your mask. Choose a CBD beauty brand that uses CBD made in the U.S. and is third-party tested. KARIBO infuses high-quality, U.S.-grown hemp oil to soothe and enhance your visage.

CBD Sheet Mask Best Practices

Watch as KARIBO beauty insider Shana Lydle takes you step-by-step through how to use a CBD-infused face mask and why it’s worth looking like a ghost, in her opinion!

Best practice takeaways from Lydle: Make sure both pieces fit all the way to your hairline and around the chin and jawline. Press the sheet under your eyes so that the eye area gets the benefits as well (but taking caution not to go over/in your eyes). Kick back while wearing your CBD sheet mask for a little self-care relaxation time. Or, make it a multi-tasking event and make dinner or catch up on emails while you mask.

And when you remove the mask after about 20 or so, don’t lose that vital essence it leaves behind. Meaning, don’t wash your face. Instead, massage the leftover serum into your face, neck and décolleté. Enjoy all of its wonderful moisturizing properties and your beautiful post-mask glow!

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