Riptide Pods are First to Deliver CBD and Tobacco-Free Nicotine Together

Until now, people looking to experience nicotine and CBD at the same time needed to own two products. Some might balance two vape pens, while others would combine cigarettes with CBD for a smoking experience that was unusual to say the least. 

The new Ripstick Vape Pod CBD+TFN (tobacco-free nicotine) by RipTide offers an enjoyable combination of nicotine and CBD in a single portable pod!

Ripstick offers 3 awesome innovations in one!

#1 Laboratory-produced nicotine

Riptide’s innovation starts with premium laboratory-produced synthetic nicotine. Made without tobacco or any other nicotine-containing plants, synthetic nicotine behaves just like its tobacco-based twin.

#2 CBD with the simplicity of a pod

The Ripstick Pod has been designed to deliver the consistent and enjoyable CBD experience that fans of top-quality CBD products demand!

#3 Updated battery

The new Ripstick G2 vape pen offers higher and more consistent wattage. What that means for the user is a uniform, consistent experience from start to finish. Smoother, more balanced blending of vapor and air ensures that you will always be looking forward to the next delicious puff!

CBD+Nicotine Vape Pod Flavors

Riptide’s groundbreaking pods with TFN nicotine and CBD offer two traditional and classic profiles: tobacco and menthol. These familiar favorites offer rich flavor experiences alongside a brilliant blending of CBD and TFN.

Tobacco Flavored CBD+Nicotine

tobacco flavor cbd with nicotine vape pod
1 x Riptide Tobacco TFN Salt & CBD Vape Pod – (1 Pack)

Menthol Flavored CBD+Nicotine

nicotine plus CBD vape pod in Menthol flavor
1 x Riptide Menthol TFN Salt & CBD Vape Pod – (1 Pack)

An awesome nicotine and CBD experience for you!

Riptide’s nicotine and CBD experience has been designed especially for those wanting to combine the satisfaction of nicotine and enjoyment of CBD in one simple and convenient package. The 50 mg/ml of nicotine and 100 mg of premium CBD isolate in each Riptide vape pod provides a consistent and remarkably delicious tobacco or menthol experience from first puff to last!

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