Did you know that humans (and all living vertebrae) have an endocannabinoid system that helps bring the body in balance?

Did you know that CBD oil is only 1 of over 400 cannabinoid oils found in the cannabis plant? It’s true!

There’s no doubt that the popularity of CBD products has grown and with the many CBD shops popping up all over town, it’s important to know the facts when choosing the best product.

In this week’s podcast Dr. Hotze and Derrick DeSilva, MD discuss the many benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, the importance of solubility and absorption, and what your CBD product may be missing! Derrick DeSilva, MD, is an internist from the Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and a national thought leader in Integrative Medicine.

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  1. I have watched umpteen videos on here, and I finally got the answers I was looking for as I purchased a full spectrum health oil and everyone was saying the cbd oil was better. I listened to your video and it has put my mind at rest! And yes, I am fully aware about tranquilisers! I was addicted to Ativan for 27 years, transferred to Valium and it took me ten years to get off that! Loved this video, the only sensible one and Dr. De Silva has a great sense of humour! Rosina Lock from United Kingdom

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