{THIS IS AN AGE 18+ CHANNEL} Have troible sleeping? CBN (Cannabinol) the next big thing in the cannabis industy? Does it really help with sleep? LVME host Jarrod can't sleep worth a damn and tried a bottle of CBN/CBD/THC (1:1:1) tincture by Experience Premium Cannabis, a Las Vegas based solventless extraction company. This is his “No BS” review of “Good Night” Tincture by EPC Las Vegas
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  1. Magnesium oil spray is awesome & cheap. Everyone needs Magnesium really bad…Its natures cheap chill pill. You spray it on skin & rub in…it bypasses our bad gut health so its 80% aborbable unlike mag pills (30%).

  2. " in my experience i have a better result by mixing them together, judt my experience"

    your experiences line up with what studies have shown. if people want the sleep benefits from cbn, they need to mix it with thc or just smoke older weed.

    "People noticed that older cannabis (which is high in CBN) makes them sleepy and assumed it must be the CBN.
    First, it may be that the combination of CBN and THC is what actually causes the sedative effect.
    In the same study that found CBN didn’t make subjects sleepy, researchers tested CBN alone, CBN with THC, and THC alone. While THC produced some drowsiness on its own, the combination of the two produced even higher levels of drowsiness. So perhaps those enjoying high CBN cannabis, which also contains THC, have noticed the synergistic effects and assumed the sedative effect was attributable to the CBN alone.

    But even without the THC connection, there may be other factors which cause higher CBN cannabis to be sedating.
    “Pure CBN is not particularly sedating,” explains leading cannabis researcher and neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo, “But it is typically found in aged cannabis in which the monoterpenoids have evaporated leaving the more sedating oxygenated sesquiterpenoids. This accounts for the discrepancy.”
    In other words, the older cannabis that is high in CBN is also high in sedating terpenes (other active chemicals in the plant). These terpenes, rather than the CBN, could account for the sedative effects.

  3. So the my sleep pattern last night and really it was kind of by accident my wife is out of town and Missouri I'm stuck here in Oregon we're still in semi lockdown we're opening but I'm kind of a rekluse anyway and I just set off a bunch of illegal fireworks for some friends and was kind of tired from that cuz believe it or not doing a big firework show with mortars and trying to get the timing right is actually pretty exhausting. I decided to go to bed around 1 a.m. and did not wake up a single time until almost exactly 8 am Pacific on the dot now that's 7 hours of sleep which which for most people seven-eight hours it is a normal good night sleep? I did feel like I woke up very groggy it was a little difficult to drag myself out of bed with a bit of a hangover but it's not a I'm still stoned hangover it's a I'm still really tired hangover Well that took about 15 minutes to go away because I actually had slept right? I think this legitimately may be a bigger Market then CBD or THC for one of the largest demographics in history it could be marketed to. I don't have to worry about buying it and neither do my parents butt it gives me an idea of the making a really good quality product whether it's a CBD CBN ratio product or a straight CBN product which is kind of where I'm leaning might 1st and number one mission statement would be for it to be potent non adulterated and I have no interest in creating an Amway version of a CBN product I just want people my parents age to have some relaxation be able to sleep well because my mom suffers from the same thing I do and she's been Poppin prescription grade sleeping pills her whole life

  4. Dude that does not sound like shit I am a wake up every 3 hours person and constantly tired constant dark circles under my eyes for the majority of my life unless I happen to have gone on a Binger. I have this Theory and it is completely based off of subjective experience with absolutely no scientific testing or lab testing. My theory is that even in a hundred percent extremely high THC level strains even if they're sativas purebreds, my theory is that eventually the endocannabinoid or whatever you called it system will convert even the THC to CBN for some reason which is why even when you smoke high energy weed at some point in time you get tired I have never had weed keep me awake like say adderal or some other stimulant for 24 hours or 48 Hours eventually you crash and you sleep like really well

  5. The unfortunate thing is that the majority of the so-called CBD products out there that my parents generation are buying like crazy have been found to have little to no CBD in them. So you're right there are a lot of shity products out there and a lot of scams and I think the baby boomer generation is subject to being a little gullible about them

  6. I'm glad you made this video because the reality is that most people have real lives and getting a good night's sleep so that they can go to their job without being completely stoned out of their mind is actually a bigger value proposition then the high concentration THC strains which has been the priority at the dispensaries since they opened here I know because my first time ever growing weed in my life I made top shelf both times so I learn fast I'm no expert but I know how to figure shit out on my own

  7. The point is that it's all been sitting around for multiple years. And I really hated the idea of just throwing it all in a fire. I would really like to make a tincture even cannabutter or oil anyting but setting it on a bonfire

  8. I'm talking about everything from Obama two GCS to something I'm not even sure what it was pineapple something I'm not sure if it was Pineapple Express but it definitely said pineapple and then the Harley Sue that my mom has been growing Outdoors. Sometimes going to see if I'm too late and sometimes not. Other than being raspier than shit to smoke holy crap that I sleep good

  9. I have a little bit of a hangover from smoking a little of something F every 10 jars of old weed I have sitting around. The only other thing that has made me sleep through the night like that without waking up is Valium and taking Valium all the time sucks.

  10. Question does CBD strain for example Harley Sue eventually degrade from high-cbd to CBN. There is a low percentage of THC in Harley Sue but it's negligible which things I have pounds and pounds of this stuff that essentially I considered to be too late to do anything with. You know back in the old days when we would hide our weed and get to it like a year later and all we do is just get draggie and tired well they called it shity old weed. This is giving me hope that there may be something I can do with all of this outdoor grown Harley Sue which seems to grow really good where I live for some reason which is not where most people are growing cannabis in Oregon

  11. Hey brother, I am in the same boat and have struggled with sleep my whole life , I just ordered a couple different CBN products, I really hope I have the same results , when you cant get more then one or two hours sleep , five hours seems fuckin amazing , thanks for the review!

  12. I am so happy when I see you making more videos for this channel! I don’t think anyone else is making content like this. Yes there are other people making reviews but not with the information you provide. I am so glad that we are finally getting to learn more about Cannabis and can now get more variety and know what effect we can expect. I love these videos. They make me happy. ????

  13. I got the same sounding sleep problem. Mine is almost certainly associated with my heavy cannabis use cuz sometimes I run out between grows and my sleep is much better during those times. Might just be my body ????‍♂️

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