Part 62 of our Import Tuner Challenge play through! I am honestly surprised that my Xbox 360 still works after sitting in the garage outside for a year and a half. After we race and defeat a team we will be reading the team description and each drivers profile. They added parking areas (PA's) to this title and when you visit, the racers have more of a backstory and share rumors.

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Import Tuner Challenge is the international title for Shutokō Battle X (or Shutokou Battle X) (首都高バトル X), a racing game published by Ubisoft and developed by Genki for the Xbox 360. It is the final main installment in the decade running Shutokō Battle series of games known as Tokyo Xtreme Racer in North America and Tokyo Highway Challenge in Europe, and was the last Genki-developed video game. Despite being the last Shutokou Battle game, this is the only Shutokou Battle game to be on the Microsoft console.

After the 13 Devils have been defeated once more in the Kaido Circuit, Motoya Iwasaki, aka Speed King, disappeared suddenly, leaving without a trace. Since then, many drivers from all the Japan come to Tokyo in order to have his title of “Speed King”. The hero here is the best friend of Iwasaki and beats Bloodhound, Midnight Cinderella, Platinum Prince, Skull Bullet's gang & eventually, the Phantom 9. In the meantime, Bloodhound reveals to the racer why Iwasaki has been depressed for a long time : his girlfriend died because she was ill and Iwasaki wasn't there to support her. Since then, he hate himself for considering that racing was more important than his girlfriend. This explains why he was easily cajoled by Hamagaki during the events of Kaido Battle : Touge No Densetsu. But after the racer beats the Phantom 9, Iwasaki challenged him only to be defeated by his friend. It seems he died against the last rival in his dark blue Fairlady Z S30 : ???, for a tire screech is heard from the highway.

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