Aurora's EEG results are in and we show you her absence seizure. Her being diagnosed with epilepsy 6 months ago has been a scary process, but now we have an official epilepsy diagnosis We have been so anxious to get these EEG results and now that we have them should we try CBD Oil? CBD Oil can really help with her epilepsy seizures!
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  1. Medical marijuana is safer than a lot of prescription drugs. And CBD doesn't contain the psychoactive part, that's THC. I use medical marijuana for my migraine and it has had the biggest impact of all the meds I have tried, and I've tried a lot of meds. And it's the only one that hasn't caused any negative affects. There's a lot of fear mongering around it that's not based in scientific fact.

  2. My biggest issue against CBD is everytime someone uses CBD or Marajjuna I have an asthma attack so this wont work for me. I want like everybody else along with you her parents that this might help and her seizures do better.

  3. Hi i Also have Epilepsy and my EEG also showed Slowing on the Left sideo f my brain! i get how stressful it gets and im always here if you need anything! <3

  4. I will pray for you ???? all … I have full on granny seizures and it sucks ☹️.. I never ever ever want a child to go through that . I have found CBD oil and fish oil is a great combo !! And melatonin and at night before bed helps. And for after my seizures I use straight medical marijuana oil to help with the pain put on my body. It helps great with that. I will pray for your little one ????

  5. I hope you will look into the ketogenic diet for epilepsy. This was the subject of the movie starring Meryl Streep called First Do No Harm. You can watch the movie and find out all about it. It’s quite amazing.

  6. As a kid I had seizures. I was diagnosed the summer following 1st grade, and continued to have them through 4th grade. I had absence seizures too. Looking back it was quite scary. For me, there was no time lost. I went from one action to the next not realizing I'd missed time in between. I was having them daily before my mother took me off presciptions and used holistic medicines instead. (I don't recommend that as an adult. I had no choice as a kid, but luckily I didn't suffer any withdrawal or other adverse effects.) I 'grew' out of it. I know thats not the case for many people, but I hope your little girl is doing well.

  7. I know I'm late to the video but I used to care for individuals who had epilepsy and there are mats you can put under the top sheet on the mattress which plug into the wall and they notify you if the person is having a seizure in their sleep. It's really good and a successful way of knowing whether the individual is in trouble or not

  8. Sometimes my seizures can be triggered by stress. I only have absence seizures one or twice a month. My parents tried CBD oil on me when I first had epilepsy but it hasn’t helped at all so I’m stuck on like 6+ medications for my ptsd, depression,and epilepsy. My service dog is able to get help from my parents and he knows how to get my phone if I have to get transferred to the hospital. Alizo also knows how to open my bedroom door because I have something that he tugs on and he can open my door for my parents or other people if they need to help me.

  9. Just remember Cbd oil is NOT Med Marijuana.. it is the extract oil of the Hemp Stock…which is not the same as a Indica or Sativa Marijuana plant..another cousin of the in this category of plants in HOPS…i have dealt with seizures since age 12..i am now 46…just make sure and do research on a a reputable company because there's a lot of Fraud and fakes in the CBD world out there but a lot of them are very very good!! you also need to be aware that if it's too good to be true price wise and cheap …it's most likley not going to be real CBD oil !!! CBD oil concentrate is very expensive… anywhere between 275.00 -400.00 per oz…the ones that say they're $30 for say an ounce bottle …well that's gonna be a fraudulent company…and those companies a lot of time we'll put regular indica or sativa oil in which is not CBD and it's mostly THC so just do your research and get true CBD oil which doesn't have THC at all in it if it is it's Trace Amounts just because the lineage of the plant.. which will have no euphoric or high effects in it at all true CBD oil does not give you any of those kind of highs or feelings at all… But rest assured CBD IS NOT MED MJ????…my Wife and I both love tge Channel…and are hoping to make one ourself one day about our life and Journey so far…good luck????????????????????

  10. You will never regret putting her on CBD oil. There are so many benefits to it and it could literally save her. My husband hates taking pills but he is registered as a medical marijuana user and it it amazing. I love you guys and hope that poor Aurora gets better!!

  11. Hi, I love your videos and not sure if you started CBD or not, but I thought I would chime in with my experience.
    First of all, like you, I have never done any drugs at all, not even pot. Few people actually believe me, but that is the truth.
    A while back, I noticed that I haven't been able to concentrate at work as well as I used too. I decided to try CBD and found that no one could tell me what a reasonable dosage might be so I decided to take 3 drops a day for several weeks and I noticed my concentration was better at work. It was very slow to take effect, but it did slowly show up. I wondered if I could do even better so I went up to 4 drops twice a day for several weeks and noticed I was doing a little better. After several weeks of that, I went up to 8 drops twice a day for a few weeks. At that point, I noticed no difference so I went back to 4 drops twice a day and have stayed at that for around 9 months. It takes several weeks to make much of a difference and it starts to affect you very slowly. I personally, wouldn't make any decision to up the dosage or stop taking it for at least 2 months of use. Well, that is, unless you are SURE that the CBD is causing a negative side effect and you are sure it is the CBD.
    After taking the time to really read about CBD side effects for several weeks before I started, I have to say that I have never noticed any side effects at all. Some people may notice them, but I did not.
    One suggestion you might consider is for you or your husband to take CBD also so you can gauge your own experience with CBD. As far as dosage, I have no idea what is best for anybody and would look to a doctor-type person to lead you through that topic. I know that because your daughter is a small child, I wouldn't think she would need as much as an adult, but what do I know? Let the doctor-type person find the right regiment for you guys. If you go with CBD, I hope it all goes well.

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