Legal cannabis has quickly grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. Proper filtration is crucial to producing high-quality, pure, and safe cannabis extracts and products.
ErtelAlsop, the first name in liquid filtration for nearly 100 years, is a leader in cannabis crude oil filtration and decolorization. Reliable cannabis extract producers of medical-grade marijuana and CBD oil turn to ErtelAlsop’s precision equipment to achieve excellence in every aspect of the liquid product from taste and smell to appearance.
ErtelAlsop manufactures plate and frame filters, laboratory filters, lenticular filter housings, single-use filtration systems, and recessed chamber filter presses in addition to the filter media required for the hardware, including depth filter sheets, depth filter lenticular module cartridges, filter cloth, and filter paper. Filter aids such as different grades of diatomaceous earth (DE) for particulate removal and activated carbon for decolorization of your crude oil round out the ErtelAlsop product line, providing for a complete one-stop shopping experience.

Because ErtelAlsop’s current filtration skids are essentially plug and play, you won’t need to worry about multi-component configuration. Skids include pre-filtration, haze and particulate clarification, decolorization, and a final trap filter, operated by a positive displacement, air motor driven pump, or nitrogen pressurization. ErtelAlsop’s filtration solution makes the difference between a clear, amber extract and a muddy, undesirable product that contains plant particles, debris, and unwanted lipids.

Our recessed chamber filter press is the perfect solution for dewaxing, or removing plant lipids and wax post C02 winterization, as well as separation of biomass and ethanol.

Ready to grow your production capabilities? ErtelAlsop offers filtration solutions that are scalable and customizable from pilot scale to large-scale production. Expedite your production volume from 50 gallons per day to 5000 gallons per day. Incorporating robust product and lab-scale testing, ErtelAlsop uses innovation, technology, engineering, and leadership to create outstanding hardware and filter media that are proudly made in the USA, and also stands ready with an experienced team of product specialists that will help you configure your production line.

Let ErtelAlsop help you scale your business without sacrificing quality.


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