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For this review, we smoke a Delta 8 THC cart from from Hempire Direct CBD. We smoke a few hits, and give our CBDHempLibrary review.

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29 Responses

  1. Sorry guys. D8 tests as D9. Hopefully someone sees this if they worry.
    You will test positive. D8 illegal no, but you will test positive for d9

  2. You will ABSOLUTELY fail a drug test on Delta 8 THC. Those tests are not looking for Delta 9, they are looking for the metabolites

  3. They are making the Gummies too for those who don't wanna vape the carts….But I love the convince of a cart….3 hits and I'm good for a few hours, and I find they last me longer than the D9 carts did, including the premium brands like Cookies, Nucks, Rove etc…

  4. I tried a girl scout cookie delta 8 pen for the first time today and it was from the hemp doctor. The taste seemed very much like a mild eucalyptus and earthy. After a few solid pulls it really smacked me in the face and my first thought was oh damn if the creeps up like a regular cartridge I'll be in debos pigeon coop lol then within 5 minutes the buzz took a dive very similar to the effects of a high concentration of cbd. So I have a buzz but the best thing is that my knee has been killing me for days and now it feels perfectly normal.

  5. Thank you President Trump for legalizing delta 8 and cbd when you signed the farm bill. God Bless you! All these years and nothing got done until Trump signed the hemp farm bill! The media is corrupt and I don’t believe anything these people say and they lied for years to us about marijuana.

  6. At this point they should just fully legalize it federally because if every couple years they keep finding new cannabinoids how would the law know which is a legal cannabinoid because everything comes in a concentrate, flower, edible or tincture form and they all literally look the same no matter what cannabinoid is in that product.

  7. D-8 will trip a drug test because it is tertahydrocannabidol, which unfortunately what modern drug tests look for. It can’t differentiate between the two isomers of THC.

  8. Yes, it will show up on a drug test. Drug tests look for THC metabolites…..THC-COOH. It will definitely show up on a drug test. Stick with CBD Isolate with no thc.

  9. Oh yea, this stuff is going to pop off. I'm a constant cart smoker, and I might be switching to these and just sell delta 9 carts. They get me SO HIGH. I wouldn't say it's half the potency, it feels more like 80% of the of delta 9 effect. My buddy described it really well last night, he said it's all the fun and pleasure of THC without the overthinking haha. HIGHLY recommend you try it atleast once, but you have to buy the $40-$55 one, DO NOT get the cheaper one. You WONT regret it, I promise! And for the record, I don't even like CBD, I think it's weak asf. Note: the best kinds of carts are the ones the convert delta 9 into delta 8. The ones that are from industrial hemp are weaker in my experience. The website of your product will usually tell you the process of how they made it.

  10. My partner and I have been loving the smokiez delta 8 gummies. Definitely a game changer and would love to get our hands on some delta 8 flower and tinctures. Glad you guys are enjoying ????

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