This was something that I quickly mentioned in a previous video and you guys were truly AMAZING and so supportive about the entire topic of Flying Anxiety. MANY of you reached out to say you struggled as well.
It has now been over 1.5 years since I last cancelled a flight out of pure fear and anxiety. I feel like this is the best accumulation of all my top tips on how I truly CURED my fear of flying.
I hope this helps you. xo

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  1. I love the being distracted and cozy bit. I've never had a fear of planes/flying. But I was going on my first sister trip (with my anxious sister), a random storm front was coming in and ended up closing the airport down WHILE we were on the runway waiting for our turn to take off (didn't happen; crew "timed out" after sitting on the runway for an hour, and the airline said you can't fly, unions..). The lady behind us was drunk and highly caffeinated, yelling at the flight attendants .. because they control the plane (omg). BUT, I stayed calm reading my book and listening to sounds of hogwarts.
    Scents were probably involved, too. Must not have been handy as I probably would have used them to blind the lady causing the scene. End of story.
    P.S. the lady's husband did shake her can of coke while she was gone to use the lavatory, so that LOL

    Thanks for what you do, Angie.
    <3 🙂

  2. I feel when I pack early and get all my stuff organized, my anxiety levels go down. I still get anxious just right before boarding but I really do think the feeling of constraint and not being in control at that time contributes to the anxiety.

  3. I really liked the tip about working out right before or doing the push ups to get rid of excess energy. That's the problem that I find myself having right before the flight and then we board, I'm constricted to a seat. I am going to try this on my next fight!! <3

  4. I think the flight attendants asking you take your headphones off is Canadian. My BF is a flight attendant and we fly in a regular basis and I ALWAYS have my headphones on and have never been asked to take them off. Except when I’m sitting in emergency exit row and they are doing their spiel and asking if we are willing and capable of healing in the event of an emergency. But the plane hasn’t even been pushed back yet.

  5. Hey I’m from Albuquerque, NM! Lol I’m glad you know where that is. People in America still have no idea where it is or thinks its part of Mexico ????????‍♀️ anyways, thank you for this video! I’m flying in a few week and I have really bad anxiety! So many tips I never though about! ????

  6. Thanks for sharing! Definitely useful tips!! Can you also do a video on what to pack on a cruise trip? I know you went on a Royal Caribbean cruise not too long ago and wondered if you can share what you packed or what's needed on a cruise. Thx!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this video and all the tools you use to help deal with flight anxiety. I have some anxiety about other things and I think some of the books you mentioned would be super helpful. ????

  8. Thanks for sharing all of these tips and "hacks", Angie. With social media, the audience usually only sees the best side of the individual or couple creating the post. When a person shares their vulnerable side, no matter how big or small, they immediately become more relatable to the audience. Have a great time at Summit and with your team!! Appreciate your posts and Instastories.

  9. You should check out Citrus Bliss by DoTERRA. It's by far my favorite oil lol Its really helpful with anxiety and stress. Doesn't hurt that it smells like orange creamcicles either! ????????

  10. 100% agree on getting comfy in the plane helps! I like to pack a large cardigan or even a large scarf seems to help me. I also get anxiety in any situation is I feel like I am running late so I always get to the airport extra early.

  11. I have a driving anxiety I can but I prefer to not drive on the highway I also avoid driving somewhere i am not used to driving alone it sucks and it’s embarrassing. I had to say i was sick when a bunch of my girlfriends wanted to meet for drinks one night and sushi and I really wanted to go ????

  12. Can you please do a packing video. Cloths, makeup, skin care and what you carry in your carry on. You travel so much I would love to know how you pack. Love your videos especially your Christmas videos I watch them year round!!!????

  13. Girl your cbd should be green if it’s pure ! I only know this because once mine started working I ended up taking classes to become a certified cbd coach / get a degree as a cannabis professional (ik it sounds crazy lol) but if you want to know what companies have been approved as proven totally pure & organic I can give you that info ???????? I love that you use it tho, cbd as long as it’s hemp derived cannot get you high at all, it’s for health benefits only and it’s actually something that all mammals bodies are designed to have it in on a daily basis to achiever optimal health. ????

  14. Amazing i haven’t had to fly in a while. But i do get anxious every now and again when we travel period road trips included. So i think this was very helpful thank you. Love all the videos keep them coming. I have comments in other videos and your ig. But can I please just say it once more. Recently a follower/ subscriber and you have by far already have made me want to do so much more, be confident and let me also say, i hear you girl when you talk i hear you. Thank you from the deepest, most bottom possible of my heart. Thank you!!!!!!

  15. I use cbd oil for my anxiety for the past year and it’s worked better than anything I’ve ever ever used and tried , that plus meditation ????????‍♀️ but even without the meditation cbd has completely changed my life ! Especially with flying I wouldn’t even get on a plane prior to using cbd ????????

  16. Im still not there…I am working on driving far from home and staying in a hotel anxiety right now and doing better,next step is going back on that plane.I'm so excited to watch this video I had to comment first!

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