welcome friends!
I'm Jen hilman. thank you for joining me in this video. I'm going to show you some
simple massage techniques to help relieve chronic headache tension. so
sometimes we can experience headache tension as a result of muscular tension
in the neck and the tops of the shoulders. this could be a result of tension
in the jaw or in the base of the skull and the occipital. so any of those
areas that contain it can kind of gather a lot of tension or tightness. Those areas can be major contributors to chronic headache tension that we can experience at the base of the skull.

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Thanks for joining me. Namaste.


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  1. Jen I have been following your yoga videos to bring flexibility into my body and I’m making progress! Your videos are very comforting, especially for beginners like me. And I’m over the moon that you also demonstrate massage! I am a masseuse as well and am loving your techniques. You are a gem ❤️

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