Hemp Bombs CBD capsules 15mg review, the good and the bad, see how many stars out of 5 I gave it and why. If you have never tried these capsules you should watch this video before you try them.


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  1. This company  HEMP BOMBS is a whole scam for the past three years the owners has intentionally and knowingly have been under dosing and labeling the product with higher doses. If all the products were to be tested all the results would proof this is truth. Also the pills are full of  Black mold and fungus, and also their e liquid has pesticides, after the owner found out he never recalled the Merchandise. All his machines are not FDA approved.   Also the building they store their finished goods  is in a building  full of mold they just painted it over.

  2. The actual company messaged me and said that the amount is so small it’s not even enough to make someone dependent. Just thought I’d let you know. I know I had one night I didn’t take it and had a rough night sleeping but I slept.

  3. I have not experienced sleepiness with CBD caps. Two caps on an empty stomach, per the instructions, gave me an intense mood lift and completely relieved my arthritis pain. Highly recommended, 5 out of 5! Toss out your Prozac and Vicodin and try these. Surprisingly, local convenience stores sell HempBomb products for less than the website ($8 for pack of capsules).

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