Although CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, hemp oil and CBD oil are two vastly different substances.

Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds and contains less than 0.0001% of CBD in volume. CBD oil is made from the flower of the hemp plant, containing around 10-25% of CBD in volume. Some CBD oil companies refer to their products as “hemp oil” which can cause unnecessary confusion.

To know how much CBD is in a product, look at the label. Hemp oil has a nutrition label because it is considered a food product. You will not see information about CBD in hemp oil.

Pure CBD oil has a supplement label which will tell you the amount of CBD per serving. If a label doesn’t tell you the amount of CBD, it’s probably not CBD oil. If you’re looking for a wellness boost, you want CBD oil. CBD oil is measured in milligrams, coming in various strengths. The higher the mg, the stronger the product.

Stronger isn’t always better. 100mg or 250mg of CBD oil extract is ideal for a daily wellness boost. 500mg or 1000mg is best for specific needs like aches and pains. 1000mg+ is most often used for therapeutic or extra strength needs.

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Intro: 0:00
About the hemp plant: 0:36
Where do hemp oil and CBD oil come from?: 1:01
What is cannabis oil?: 1:38
What are the benefits of hemp oil?: 1:54
What are the benefits of CBD oil: 3:01
Summary: 5:00
Conclusion: 5:32


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  2. Great video however hemp oil which has CBD is also called hemp oil. Hemp seed oil is called hemp seed oil. I've been using Nesa's Hemp Oil for a long time. Nesa's Hemp oil has a high concentration of CBD (in fact CBDa which is not damaged by any Co2 burning extraction). This oil has even CBG, CBN, CBC and many other compounds found in the HEMP FLOWER not Hemp seeds. CBD oil is different from Hemp oil in a sense that CBD oil contains only one compound – CBD which is extracted by damaging the plant. Cold-pressed hemp oil has all compounds. And Nesa's Hemp Oil I've been using does miracles for my whole family. Highly recommend to check it out.

  3. HempureCBD does not have relevant lab tests posted on their website. All from 2018 and none cite the actual lot number of products. Their contract address is a UPS store. I also doubt this product is water soluble.

  4. Amazing video. Here is some research I have also done. Have a great day.
    More and more research has shown how important Hemp Products and CBD oil is to our health and treatment of many ailments, including for animals.

    These are just a couple of articles on current research. There is much more then that put out almost weekly.

    Estimated market is to be about $20 billion by 2024 per Forbes.

    One of the top companies with third party control of quality is hemp worx, see report below.

    I for one believe this industry is going to grow fast in the next couple of years as more countries realize the importance of hemp and cbd products. I believe Hempworx is one of the top companies in the forefront, and have decided to be an affiliate for them and their products.

    Do you want to be in the forefront of this great opportunity at no cost to get started? Then click on link below and let's work your business together.

  5. Is it glyphosate free and could you please post the clinical studies and what product your testing, Zilis cbd was found out to be a very low grade cbd and not a full spectrum at 140.00 dollars a bottle ,consumers beware

  6. Hemp seed oil is made from hemp seeds. CBD oils are really full spectrum hemp oil, containing anywhere between 3% – 20% of CBD's. Good companies will state on the labels how much CBD is in their oil.

  7. This is glorious, been searching for "cbd oil" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Tenayce Unconventional Transcendence – (search on google ) ? It is a great exclusive product for discovering how to get rid of pain using CBD cream without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  8. CBD Oil from cannabis is more effective than CBD Oil from hemp. Whilst CBD is CBD regardless of which plant it's from, you can obtain a higher but still non-psychoactive THC content from CBD Oil derived from cannabis. THC in conjunction with CBD has been shown to provide significant benefits. I have found that a ratio of 4:1 CBD to THC is the most effective for arthritis, pain relief and depression.

  9. What oil is used in the production of CBD OIL? To my limited knowledge it is coconut oil. Having high cholesterol that’s not good for me. The general product on the market contains this oil. Is there are better product I should be using?
    Thank you

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