Lots of people are fans of the legal hemp products. CBD rich products like drops, salves, and lotions have found their way into many homes across the country. People are taking advantage of the natural boosts to health available from the hemp plant. This includes those looking to enjoy CBD or Hemp in edible form.

Hemp based gummies and other edibles, typically rich in CBD, have been popping up in stores and online over the past few years. They join their THC rich cousins in rising popularity mainly because of the rising popularity of legal low THC but high CBD hemp products.

Mary Lopez Carter, founder of the Carolina Hemp Hut stores and serial entrepreneur and public speaker, provides a summary on the popular CBD gummies and other edibles that many vendors offer. She introduces samples of some of the edibles her stores and e-commerce sites offer as well.

You can fine one of Mary's main sites at https://carolinahemphut.com