CBD is legal everywhere so let's stop fooling around YouTube

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  1. you are a very luck man to be able to live in a place that will let you buy this at a good price and it work for you , i live in a place that we have the strictest med place on the planet..more than the US,more than CAN,any where in the world,,, it has to be right spot on for they will let us at it,,,they do this to keep us safe and to watch the rest of the world to see how many folks go mad,no joke its true..now i know people from the US want like to hear they are in 3 place or even 2 place in this but its true .so now its to the point after all this we can have it but it comes at a cost,if you sick and you have no money to speak of you die . when enought people die they give it out and it cost nothing really 5$ at the most but this is after years of watching all of you guys get better or die from it lol they sit back and watch who dies and who lives this is the world we live in now .

  2. Hey Gord,
    Good to see your friendly face today. I've been experimenting with how much and when to take my CBD tincture for best effect for me.
    My go to medicine lately has been 50mg/ml high potency tinctures from a company in Oregon. I had a few sample sizes of their topical products and liked them well enough, til I ran out and my arm was hurting bad enough that I experimented with putting the tincture topically on it. I couldn't really rub it in, too painful. So I just kind of smeared it around so it wouldn't drip off my arm and then about half an hour later I could rib it in. It was amazing. It actually seemed to work quicker than the balm version.
    The only downside is that you really do end up smelling like you've been running through a pot field. Sometimes I'd rather not smell like that, depending on what I've got going on that day. But for the most part I care more about how I feel than how I smell. ????

  3. Theres CBD hemp cigarettes and CBD oil vape pens for sale at gas stations now in BC. CBD is non-psychoactive so there should be no-stigma around this anymore. Another great video. Cheers!

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