Stressed skin looks visibly older, something nobody wants. There are many things that can make skin look stressed out, from actual stress to lack of proper nutrition and hydration. Here, we’ll cover the gamut of things that could be stressing out your skin and offer helpful ideas to make it look radiant again. So, whether it’s breaking out, dried out, hot and bothered or simply lackluster, find out how to chill it out with these tips!

De-Stress Your Mind First

No joke, there is a definite connection between stress and your skin. A stressed mind and body can lead to distressed skin. Just think of all the times you broke out when you were on a big deadline at work, or how your skin seemed oh so much drier than usual when you were preparing to host an important event.

Here’s a study that says, “The intricate relationship between stress and skin conditions has been documented since ancient times. Recent clinical observations also link psychological stress to the onset or aggravation of multiple skin diseases.” It goes on to say that stress is linked to skin inflammation, acne, long-term skin damage and more.

The first step in de-stressing your skin is to find calm. How can you do this? You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll say it again: meditate. Find 5 minutes in that super busy day (we recommend either first thing in the morning or right before bed) to sit still, close your eyes, breathe deeply and just be.

Look Closely at Your Beauty Products

Have you been using a product for more than 12 months? What are on those ingredient lists? It may be time to detox your beauty products and start fresh. Old and expired beauty products are not good for the state of your skin. You wouldn’t drink expired milk, right? Think of your skin care products in the same way. Old products aren’t doing you any favors, and could be stressing out your skin.

Next, have you reviewed their ingredient lists lately? Make sure there aren’t any toxic chemicals in your products’ ingredients. We’re not saying you need to go 100% natural—we believe in the powerful skin benefits of professional beauty science. But there are certain ingredients, such as parabens and phthalates that are big no-nos for the health of your skin and body. Beyond toxicity, are the ingredients in your products supporting your skin’s needs? You know your skin better than anyone, so make a list of what it needs, from hydration to calming relief, and find products that have ingredients that support those requirements.

Try CBD Skin Care Products

As you may have heard, CBD has some very unique properties. One great attribute of CBD derived from hemp plants is that it supports a sense of calm. With CBD skin care, this can translate into offering calming benefits for your skin. You can try to soothe and de-stress skin with CBD beauty. At KARIBO, we have several beautiful hydrating CBD-infused skin care products. 

Drink Lots of Water

Your body needs at least 64 ounces of water each day. Are you getting enough? As your biggest organ, the skin really benefits from this hydration. Stressed skin is often dehydrated skin, which can have a dry, rough, sunken look. An easy way to help meet your water intake goal each day is to drink from a refillable water bottle. Knowing that you have to fill your 32-oz. water bottle up twice per day may keep you sipping as you work, workout or run errands.

While internal hydration is very important, so is topical hydration. One great way to keep your skin moisturized is by offering it a deeply moisturizing mask. De-stress skin with CBD, antioxidant rosemary flower extract and deeply hydrating black licorice root extract with our KARIBO CBD Infused Face Mask.

Watch KARIBO Co-Founder Shana Lydle explain how to best use a CBD sheet mask here:

Eat Skin-Boosting Foods

Your skin reflects what you put into your body, so a balanced diet chockfull of nutrient-rich foods is essential for glowing, beautiful, calm skin. Support the health of your skin with nutritious choices, such as fatty fish, which contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to fight inflammation and protect it from free radical damage. Avocados, walnuts and sunflower seeds are also wonderfully rich in healthy fats. Vibrant vegetables and fruits in array of colors, such as yellow and red peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and grapes all have skin-supporting benefits, too. The other great thing about eating well is the stress-reducing, mind-body benefits you will inevitably reap. It’ll come full circle!

Apply Sunscreen

The sun is a huge skin stressor. Dermatologists and aestheticians everywhere unite in agreement that applying sunscreen is one of the best things you can do to prevent aging skin. Plus, sunburns majorly dry out your skin. Over time without regular sunscreen use, your skin can begin to appear visibly stressed. If you do get a sunburn by mistake, make sure you apply a skin-soothing moisturizer afterwards to help it heal. We like KARIBO CBD Infused Moisturizing Cream with aloe and CBD. Aloe has been used for centuries as a sunburn treatment and CBD is known for its soothing properties—a killer combination to calm skin.

Armed with these tips and tools, we hope you’ll have much success de-stressing your skin and feeling and looking more like your beautiful self.

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