In this episode, Dr. Aaron Horschig discusses how to test and fix hip flexor pain you may have while lifting! A hip flexor strain (also called Iliopsoas syndrome) is often an overuse problem. This means it doesn’t start at one specific time but instead slowly becomes an issue over weeks and months. This injury usually presents a few different ways as well: Iliopsoas tendinopathy (inflammation and/or degrading of the tendon), compression of the underlying bursa sac, and snapping of the muscle over bony areas of the pelvis causing a “pop” feeling.

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Dr. Aaron Horschig is the founder of A physical therapist, coach, speaker, and author of ‘The Squat Bible', Dr. Horschig is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He works with such athletes as international soccer players, MLB and NFL athletes, national-level Olympic weightlifters, and youth athletes.

Thank you to Complete Anatomy for the amazing visual used today!

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42 Responses

  1. My hip flexor are tight and weak due to too much sitting. So what's been working for me is to do lunges. I take a big step and go down as far as I can without letting my knee touch the ground. I then hold it in that position for as long as I can, give it a break then do the other side, then repeat. It helps stretch and strengthen the muscles through the range.

    If its tight, you are going to feel the burn, but it will feel so much better after with more strength in the hips.

  2. I love your videos! Lately, I have been experiencing hip-flexor pain every time I squat. Due to this I rather not go heavy but I want to make progress on my squat. I will try these techniques! Thank you again!

  3. ive started to feel pain in the that area when doin antying more than an airsquat, only the right side tho, lookin at the muscles i think its the musculus sartorius. If so, does this help with that pain?

  4. I get what I believe is hip flexor pain at my right side, even when squatting with only the bar. I am gonna do those 3 steps every day now, and I really hope they will help. God bless.

  5. So I looked at the date of when I am watching this video and it is exactly two years from when uploaded. It wasn't even recommended. I just searched hip flexor pain when squatting.

  6. Every time I kick the heavy bag (muai thai kick) my right hip flexor gets strained again. Still trying to figure out exactly how it's occurring or how to strengthen that flexor.
    These are all very helpful suggestions, thanks.

  7. I have this pain for years now. When warmed up, It does not effect my squat but man, when I trip and have to pull my leg under me in order to not fall, the main is excrusciating. I'm going to try this for a couple of weeks. I will report….

  8. I just went through this entire progression. The clams with a light band lit my outer butt up! Going to keep up with these several times a week for a few weeks. Hopefully this helps. Thanks Aaron!

  9. Does the extra pain in my hip flexors have anything to do with the fact that I'm a wider stance squatter it's always the last thing I have to warm up before I'm ready for my working sets and it's annoying af

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