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*** Age restriction must be 21 years of age or older to view this video in the United States****
*** Warning alcohol can be flammable and can cause harm when not used properly****
In this video i make a very powerful CBD alcohol tincture with the magic butter machine. I use our hemp flower from our Baox strain that I grew this summer

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3.3oz of decarb hemp flower
1oz of raw hemp flower trim
3 cups of alcohol

You can use less flower depending on your preference for CBD values.


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  1. The “trim” you refer to how is that different than your flower? Like if I go to a shop and get flower how do I get cbdA? Also I usually get two things of cbd one is impairing like it’ll get me high the other isnt how is that done? I guess low thc high cbd.

  2. Question: When you buy tinctures there is no alcohol flavor. What method do the retail products use? Also, Is there a formula for figuring out the strength per ml if you know the CBD strength? Say I'm using an ounce of 18% CBD flower, and I use 1cup of everclear 190 proof. If I do all of this correctly, what is the end result in mg/mL? Just trying to figure out dosage and whether or not I should just vape the flower directly. If it's wasteful I don't want to do it.

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