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What you will for your Alcohol Free Tincture…
Crockpot with Warm to Low settings..
2 Cups vegetable Glycerin.. Link for Glycerin Below
16 Grams Cannabis…
Mason Jar…
Strainer or cheese cloth…
Amber Bottle.. Optional.. Link Below
Digital Thermometer

Edible Dosing Calculator..

Black Dropper Bottles 30 mls

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The Vibe Tribe Merch..

Link For Decarb Video…

100% Organic Vegetable Glycerin….

????Amber Dropper Bottles…
12 pack… 1oz

????24 pack 15 ml

Music Credit Goes to..
Sajjad Ahmed..
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31 Responses

  1. Thanks for vid. I made your recipe, but I feel hardly any high from my batch. I have to take 2 sometimes 3 whole droppers just to feel a little. I used 1/4 oz, decarb, glycerin, cooked in crockpot on low for 24 hours, shaking it often. my bud was dispensary grade, supposedly 20+% thc. I'm really bummed because I really like this method of getting my vibes.
    I didn't use Lecithin. Should I have?

  2. This page is by far the best there is for info, help and recipes! Thank you so much!

    needing help for a family member who is suffering from CF and needs lollipops without alcohol. Can I use this??

  3. Hi there check I love your videos you are so informative and entertaining. I am making my first batch of Tincher and my question is — what can you do with the weed after you squeeze all of the good stuff out of it? I just think it’s a waste not to do something with it.

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