Learn How To Make Cannabis Oil Capsules or THC Caps today on Cannabasics episode 85. THC Caps can be made from strong cannabis infused coconut or olive oil using cannabis flowers or rosin chips, or both. They can be taken orally to give you all the effects of marijuana edibles without the added calories. Now here’s what you need to make Cannabis Oil Capsules.

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  1. Are the resin chips just as good as using cannibis decarbed in the oven for 25 minutes? Why did you use mostly the chips. Is the decarbed cannibis not as strong?

  2. I would like it if someone can help me I’d like to make cannibis coconut lotion so I can use it for my legs n feet n everything else but I also like to bake with it n make ice cream with it as well but I like regular coconut oil

  3. So the actual ‘no calories added’ method would be to powder the plant material and stuff that inside the caps. Eating any amount of oil you wouldn’t normally eat is definitely going to add calories to your diet.

  4. putting it in a water bath isn’t the best idea because the water will stay at it’s boiling point of 100°C causing your beaker to also be at 100°C instead of the oven’s temp.

  5. My bho was tasted is was good it had no end butane in it . And had all the trps because it was a cold extat I like rosin because its easy . But if bho is don right it's the same as rosin . Thay are both good I find good video man.

  6. OK may be a crazy stupid question but I need to ask if when doing the cannabis in the oven it doesn't make any smoke or vapor that others in the home can be affected by. I don't wasn't any to fail a work pee test while I'm doing my thing

  7. I really trust your videos because of your professional demeanor so i'll ask a question. Would you mind reviewing my method? After research, here's where i've landed. I decarboxylate an ounce of high-quality Shake in the oven in the Mason jar used for the infusion at 240 degrees for 45 minutes, shaking at 20 minutes. Allow to cool with lid on. Add 1-1/2 cups (12 oz) coconut oil and 3 tbsp sunflower lecithin and infuse 3 hours submerged in a water filled crock pot stirring one time halfway through. Strain into storage container and enjoy. I'm going to try this infusion next with MCT oil based on my research into health benefits. I believe for this more refined oil i'll only use 1 hour of infusion time but same method. Any suggested modifications are highly appreciated!

  8. Hey, anybody could please help me clarify here? What is the difference of making the coconout oil cannabis the way this video shows versus the Decarboxylated Canna-Oil with the thermometer that this same youtube channel shows in the video: 'How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil (Decarboxylated Canna-Oil): Cannabasics #25' ?

    I would really appreciate some info as I don't really know which way of cooking it should I use, thank you very much.

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