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In this video I share with you my recipe for extra stregth CBD oil . We use MCT oil and our own organic CBD hemp flower along with sunflower lechtin!

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  1. My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and my vet said cbd oil would help her with pain and as a natural anti-inflammatory but when looking into the prices for one oz of cbd the cheapest I found it was for $69.95! So I was wondering if it's possible to buy the cbd flower and make it myself? That's why I am here, so you sell the flower as well?

  2. Full disclaimer – I’m new to CBD tinctures and just started to learn about calculating CBD oil strength. Based on my math, this is actually low strength oil. Assuming you yielded 100% of your extract, I’ve calculated ~10mg per ml, thus a standard 30ml bottle would total 300mg. Here is how I got there….Your CBD flower tested at 17%. Potential yield would be 170mg of CBD per gram. You added 28 grams to infuse (170mg x 28 = 4,760 potential total mg). You then added 2 cups of MCT oil (or 473 ml), so 4,760mg divided by 473ml = 10mg/ml

  3. Hello
    A friend purchased a jar of light amber-colored product that is the consistency of very hard honey. Supposedly, it is 99% THC. He wants me to make a tincture using this product that has the lowest THC content possible. I've made tinctures, edibles, and salves using flower material, but never from anything like what he has. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help and for all the videos.

  4. So here's a question I have pounds and pounds of really dry Obama kush, GCS, a couple other unknown CHC oriented flower and a crap ton of outdoor grown Harley Sue which is a low THC high-cbd ratio. My objective rather than throwing it all in a bonfire which I was going to do because I was growing up in the eighties and old weed was just considered shity weed. Now That I'm Older my biggest issue is being able to sleep through the night. If I were to throw all of those really aged THC strains in which I would bet money have now degraded entirely into CBN along with the Harley Sue which what miniscule amount of THC has also degraded to CBN but still contains it's natural CBD profile would I be able to make a very potent CBN butter or oil or tincture with the right process that I could do at home without a bunch of lab equipment.

  5. Hello if I have a full-spectrum oil ( thick paste) that has not been mixed with anything yet how do I go about that process can you post to me a link . Tia

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